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Choosing a new software provider is one of the hardest decisions to make. From introductions to launch day and ongoing support, the right partner should set you up for long-term success. Armed with the facts, avoid choosing a provider that could result in heartache.  

Try these facts on for size:

1. Custom built systems create headaches  in the short and long run.
2. Low-cost providers offer fewer solutions and limited experience at the expense of your growth.
3. A poorly managed software implementation costs time and money—now and later.

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Choosing a Custom-Built System?

Get Headaches in the Short and Long Run.

Custom-built systems sound attractive on the surface; they promise to serve your organization and meet all of your unique needs. But you quickly learn that they’re difficult to service and support, ultimately leaving you with a solution that only accommodates the needs you had at the time of implementation.  Our approach at Daxko is different. We leverage our decades of experience working closely with YMCA and JCC leaders to design a system that’s at once tailored and expansive.   

“When you are working with that customized solution, almost everything is built from the ground zero, creating tremendous amount of work downstream. Being able to work with a partner like Daxko, where there are years of knowledge and experience built in and baked into the product, we felt even more supported from day one.”  Brad McCain, CFO of the YMCA of Central Ohio

When systems are completely customized, it’s harder to integrate an entire ecosystem of products that feed seamlessly into each other. Not to mention that a single system change could have unanticipated consequences that interrupt operational processes.

Effective technical support with a custom-built software provider hinges on the limited people who understand your system. If they’re unavailable, you’ll be faced with much longer times to reach a resolution.

Choosing a Low-Cost Provider?

Get Fewer Solutions and Limited Experience at the Expense of Your Growth. 

At Daxko, we’re constantly looking to what’s next, studying and developing the best products for the organizations we serve. And when we make updates to our systems, you have access to those optimizations quickly as part of your long-term investment.

To match the performance of Daxko’s all-in-one technology ecosystem, you’ll have to piece together around 23 different solutions elsewhere, which means more time and money spent managing software.  

When comparing revenue and program growth for YMCAs of different sizes in the years leading up to the pandemic, YMCAs using Daxko’s software solutions saw revenue grow by +5.3% year over year and program revenue grow +6.2% year over year.*

Growth slowed significantly for YMCAs that chose a low-cost competitor. In fact, associations that chose the lower-cost software experienced a -7.8% decrease in revenue growth and a -23.8% decrease in total program growth during the same time period.*

Technology is meant to power your growth, not hold you back. Can you confidently say that your software partner is accelerating your growth instead of slowing it down? For Daxko users, the numbers speak for themselves.

*Source: IRS Form 990 2016-2019

Daxko Fits Your Mission Just Right.

At Daxko, our Mission Acceleration Suite was designed through decades of experience. We have a team of experts who have worked with YMCAs, JCCs, and Boys and Girls Clubs of all sizes and know their stuff. From technical operations, to engineering, to user experience designers, implementation specialists, and more...we have you covered.

We start by working with you to understand your organization inside and out. From there, we’re able to propose a suite of solutions to drive the mission outcomes important to you. Well beyond the day you sign on with us, our dedicated team is eager to serve you with product training and expos, strategy workshops and more.

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