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A strong brand is priceless in helping you stand out from the crowd. Amplify its reach and accelerate the impact of your marketing efforts. Increase and quantify your success with our digital marketing services, which have increased client conversions by up to 600%.

Website Design and Hosting

Daxko's website design and hosting is built on Open Y (an open source, Drupal 8 platform) with the option for us to host and manage the site after the build. Sites are fully customizable and integrate with Daxko's API to ensure a seamless user experience for your members.

Paid Advertising Management

Daxko will build and manage your paid advertising campaigns across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Our service includes keyword research, tracking Installation, split testing, daily campaign assessment, and a weekly analysis.

Analytics and Tracking

Gain access to your data through Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, and Heatmapping. Team Daxko will manage the set up and installation of your analytics accounts as well as partner with you to provide reporting on goal and conversion success to ensure the highest online traffic.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation has become more important than your ranking in Google. Most prospects value the number of reviews over where you are ranked in the search engine. Depend on Daxko to help you manage your online reputation by monitoring campaigns across multiple review sites (Yelp, Google, Facebook), set up email campaigns to help you receive new reviews, and notify you about bad reviews so the issue can be resolved.

Directory Listings

Leverage Daxko's network of over 1600 directories to ensure you appear in your local search rankings. These rankings appear above the organic results and are generally associated with google maps. Clients are able to see all directories we have added them to and get regular reporting on their directories.

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