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Community Relationship Management

Tell your story, drive deeper connections and deliver your mission. Community relationship management is simplified with our fully integrated platform.

Connecting Your People

Identify and target members and prospects based on data insight from Daxko Operations.

Our predictive analytics give you a leg up through identifying how members are likely to act. Data from Daxko Operations including demographics, activity, membership dates, facility usage, program participation, areas of interest and more feed into Daxko Engage and help you create more tailored campaigns.

  • Predictive Analytic Tools
  • Lead Management
  • Dynamic Group Segmentation

With the Right Message

An intuitive platform that lets you focus on your message is every marketer's dream. With an email builder that doesn't sacrifice creativity for simplicity, Daxko Engage helps you craft more impactful messages in less time. Quickly and easily get your message out to members and prospects with campaign workflows that include SMS texts.

With our conversational AI tool, delivering personal communication at scale is easier than ever.

  • Intuitive Email Builder
  • SMS Messaging
  • Conversational AI

At the Right Time

Go beyond the 30-60-90 campaign and engage members throughout their entire membership lifecycle using multimedia and high touch campaigns, from following up with prospective members, to on-boarding new members, recognizing important dates, asking for actionable feedback, and winning back terminated members.

Give your staff the tools to easily manage member engagement and follow up through task management and rich profile information. Receive notifications when certain members check into the facility so you can engage major donors, new members, at-risk members, or other important members face to face.

  • Member Lifecycle Campaigns
  • Member Tracking
  • Staff Notifications

Success with Daxko Engage

Don't take our word for it. Hear from your peers about their success using an effective marking automation tool.

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