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Member Engagement Software

Connect with your members, tell your story, and deliver your mission

Member Engagement, Simplified

Streamline your member relationship management and marketing campaigns with our fully integrated platform that drives engagement and retention through data insights pulled from Daxko Operations. Give your staff the right tools to connect with members, tell your story, and deliver your mission.

Retention, ROI, & Predictive Analytics

Daxko's service model provides a predictable monthly cost, and alleviates the risk that comes with infrastructure management and maintenance

Member Lifecycle Campaigns

Go beyond the 30-60-90 campaign and engage members throughout their entire membership lifecycle using multimedia and high touch campaigns, from following up with prospective members, to on-boarding new members, recognizing important dates, asking for actionable feedback, and winning back terminated members.

Predictive Donor Indicator

Through a complex, proprietary algorithm developed by our team, you are able to find your members that are statistically the most likely to donate to your organization and build targeted initiatives to that group. This enables your team to build and replicate a tried and proven process for effective fundraising efforts.

Integrated Groups & Targeted Initiatives

Save time spent on uploading lists by creating dynamic groups using integrated data from Daxko Operations including demographics, activity, membership dates, facility usage, program participation, areas of interest, and more. Build your own initiatives to send email updates and newsletters, cross-sell, and promote your unique offerings.

Empower Staff to Engage & Hold Them Accountable

Give your staff the tools to easily manage member engagement and follow up through task management and rich profile information. Receive notifications when certain members check into the facility so you can engage major donors, new members, at-risk members, or other important members face to face.

Success with Daxko Engage

Don't take our word for it. Hear from your peers about their success using an effective marking automation tool.

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