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Reach every member and prospect with personalized communication

Daxko's engagement assistant, powered by Conversica, fosters real conversations to engage every single lead and discover qualified membership, program, and event sales opportunities for your team.

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Foster Real Conversations

Conversica leverages artificial intelligence to automate the lead contact and qualification process. Your engagement assistant reaches out to prospective members or participants and reports back to you when they are ready to join or sign up. 1 in 5 people have talked to an engagement assistant powered by AI in their lifetimes already. Your engagement assistant uses natural language processing to foster real conversations, not just automated replies.

Prompt, Persistent, and Personalized

Data shows that more leads convert to members or participants when follow up is prompt, personalized, and persistent. On average, a prospect replies back after 8-10 reaches. Your engagement assistant excels at these conversational skills.

Convert More Leads

Your engagement assistant identifies which leads are ready to commit now. Artificial intelligence can’t replace the staff that connect with members, but will help staff be more effective.

Exceptional Technology

Daxko has partnered with the worlds leading conversational AI provider, Conversica, as the exclusive provider of this technology to YMCAs, JCCs, and Boys and Girls Clubs.

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