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Non-Profit Management Software from Daxko

Why Daxko

“I believe that by having Daxko, we’re not only going to set the bar for our employees and our staff, but we’re going to show the example and the outputs to our donors and key stakeholders—who are the kids and their parents.”

- Boys & Girls Club of Metro South

At Daxko, we understand the importance of having the right tools to make a positive impact in your community.

Daxko offers a comprehensive member management solution that seamlessly integrates payment processing, accounting, digital marketing, and CRM and youth league management.  With Daxko, your team can optimize operations, grow your impact, foster meaningful connections, and drive transformative impact within your community.

Join the  more than 500 hundred non-profit clubs across the country that trust Daxko to deliver exceptional software, service and support.

Empowering Your Non-Profit Club with Daxko: The Ultimate Operations Solution

Seamless Member Management

Manage all aspects of member engagement, including membership sign-ups, renewals, and cancellations. With Daxko, you can also track member attendance and engagement, making it easier to identify and reward loyal members.  

Our software is easy-to-use, streamlining communication with automations and efficiently managing the check-in process. Our integrated systems allow you to accomplish tasks with fewer steps, improving productivity and freeing up more time to focus on what matters most.

Simplified Facility Management

Manage your boys and girls club facilities, including reservations, equipment rentals, and maintenance requests. You can easily track facility usage and availability, making it easier to optimize your facility usage and ensure that members have access to the resources they need.  Tap into the Daxko Exchange for integrated partner offerings to so help with secure minor checkin/checkout, camps, digital signage, guardian/school communication and more.

Complete Childcare and Youth Program Management

Manage your youth programs, including scheduling, registration, and attendance tracking. You can easily track program participation and engagement, making it easier to deliver personalized experiences and increase member satisfaction.

Easy Childcare and Youth Program Set Up

Collecting member questions during registration is essential to delivering personalized experiences and increasing member satisfaction. Daxko's Program Q&A Roster and Child Profile reports can help you collect and use this data more effectively, providing valuable insights into your club's programming and childcare offerings.

Powerful Childcare and Program Reports

Daxko provides a variety of attendance reports, including Attendance Tracker, Activity Attendance Backdate, Facility Usage, and Anonymous Attendance Report. These reports help you track attendance for different programs and activities, providing deeper insights into who your club serves and how you can better meet their needs.

Accelerate Fundraising and Membership Impact

Take your fundraising efforts to the next level with our suite of solutions. Non-profits like boys and girls clubs rely on key membership metrics to share their impact with donors, grantors, and constituents. Daxko Reports can help you capture and analyze this data more effectively, providing insights that can help you better understand and communicate your club's impact. Daxko’s integrated CRM system can track donations and marketing outreaches, providing better insights into your fundraising efforts. We want to hear about what you need to be successful, and we're committed to building the tools together to fill any gaps in functionality.

Financial Reporting Capabilities

Daxko offers an Adjustment Summary report that can help clubs track any adjustments added to membership fees, providing a more accurate picture of your club's financial health.

Support for Boys and Girls Clubs Annual Report

Daxko has been working to provide the necessary membership data requirements for the BGCA Annual Report, offering three reports that address different sections of the report. This support can help you meet your reporting obligations more effectively, saving time and resources.

Ensuring your Data is Secure

Data privacy is absolutely something every organization should be concerned about. When you partner with Daxko, you own 100% of your club's data. Daxko’s goal is to protect your data at all times with built-in processes to ensure a high level of data security.  keeping minors' information confidential and decreasing risks for your youth. Each staff member has their own login with varying levels of permissions to track every action back to the individual staff member.  Daxko systems are fully PCI compliant.

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