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Our Who

WE over Me
We take the stairs
We embrace the strength of diversity and inclusion
We are driven by an entrepreneurial spirit
We are experts in our craft

Our What

We build and deliver integrated technology, services, insights and payments that power health and wellness communities

Our How

We thrive by enabling our customers and members to thrive:
Invent the Future
Build the Future
Deliver the Future
Invest in WE Health

Our Belief

We believe the best way to predict the future is to invent it
We do not fear the fundamental forces changing the health and wellness business
We shape and reinvent them

We Succeed By

Hiring, developing and retaining the best, most dedicated people
Owning the end-to-end experience
Embracing the growth mindset
Optimizing customer and corporate value with Dax Ops

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Our mission is to power health and wellness throughout the world. That includes fighting for equity and justice. We are making a commitment to ourselves, our company, and the community we serve to amplify marginalized and systematically oppressed voices. Internally, Daxko is committed to improving Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion throughout the company.

Personally, we are committed to listening, learning, and taking real action towards equity and justice. Within the industry Daxko serves, we are actively exploring ways to use our breadth of solutions and data to empower industry leaders in the mission to accelerate Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

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Our Leadership

Jeff VanDixhorn
Chief Executive Officer
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Jeff VanDixhorn is the CEO of Daxko. Jeff brings over 25 years of experience in health and wellness, excelling as both a club operator and fitness software CEO. Jeff's journey began in 1995 when he acquired his first club, eventually expanding to include multi-purpose, fitness, and racquet sports facilities across the Midwest. In 2007, he co-founded Club Automation and served as CEO, guiding the company's successful growth into one of the leading software platforms in the health and fitness industry. Club Automation merged with the Daxko family of brands in 2018. Jeff then assumed the role of Daxko's chief revenue officer before transitioning to the Daxko board of directors in 2022. He holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and management from Wheaton College.

Winston Gillum
Chief Financial Officer
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

As the Chief Financial Officer at Daxko, Winston Gillum orchestrates all financial and administrative operations. With a focus on financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, accounting and controls, human resources, and legal affairs, Winston ensures the smooth functioning of crucial business operations. Prior to joining Daxko, Winston spent 16 years as an associate, vice president, and managing director in Harbert Management Corporation’s Private Equity Group, where he excelled in executing acquisitions and divestitures of lower middle market companies across diverse industries. His extensive experience in the field was further influenced by his early career at Ernst & Young, where he built a strong foundation in accounting, and later at McKinsey & Company, where he contributed his expertise as a management consultant. Winston received an undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Alabama and an MBA from Harvard University.

Wendy White
Chief Marketing Officer
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Wendy White is the Chief Marketing Officer of Daxko, bringing over two decades of expertise in B2B technology marketing. As the leader of end-to-end marketing, digital professional services, and channel and partnerships at Daxko, Wendy is responsible for driving the company's go-to-market engine and facilitating its continued expansion in new and existing markets. Prior to joining Daxko, Wendy spent 10 years as a CMO in fast-growing SaaS companies, including TigerConnect and Egencia, Expedia Group's corporate travel division. She also held leadership positions at world-class tech brands such as Microsoft and Intel, as well as several venture-backed startups. Her background as a veteran U.S. Army officer and graduate of the Defense Language Institute and the John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School has equipped her with invaluable leadership skills and a strategic mindset. Wendy earned an MBA from the University of California at Davis- Graduate School of Management and a BA from the University of California at Berkeley.

Wes Gillette
Chief Product Officer
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Wes Gillette is the Chief Product Officer at Daxko, bringing over 17 years of experience as a product and customer-focused executive. With his extensive experience in product management and deep understanding of market and customer needs, Wes leverages his expertise to drive product innovation and shape a forward-thinking product strategy that effectively meets the evolving needs of the health and wellness industry. Prior to joining Daxko, Wes held key leadership positions at renowned organizations in the technology industry. He was Vice President of Product Management, responsible for product strategy and product management at insightsoftware before serving as Vice President of Acquisition Integration. Additionally, Wes was the Director of Product Management at LexisNexis, Director of Product & Services at Safran Software Solutions, and held various product management positions at companies such as PROS, Waste Management, Inc., and Oracle. Wes earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Technology and International Affairs from Georgetown University.

Rudolph Nieto
Chief Revenue Officer
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

As the Chief Revenue Officer of Daxko, Rudy Nieto brings over two decades of experience in driving business growth, maximizing revenue streams, and developing successful sales and business development strategies. With a proven track record of success as a top-level sales and business development leader, Rudy is responsible for developing and executing the strategic plan for boosting revenue streams and driving business growth across all customer segments. Prior to joining Daxko, Rudy spent 17 years at Reynolds & Reynolds Company, a leading provider of automobile dealership software. During his time there, he held several key leadership positions, including Senior Vice President of Sales. His extensive experience in the automobile dealership software industry gave him a deep understanding of how to identify market trends, anticipate customer needs, and create effective sales strategies that drive results. Rudy holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Louisiana State University.

Bjørn Bjerkøe
Chief Technology Officer
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

As the Chief Technology Officer of Daxko, Bjørn Bjerkøe leverages his exceptional skills in developing people, processes, and innovative software solutions. Bringing a servant leadership approach to the software industry, Bjørn is driven by a passion for cultivating a customer-centric focus across all facets of the business, ranging from support to product strategy and development. With 17 years of experience leading operational and software development teams, Bjørn utilizes innovation as a powerful tool to deliver transformative solutions and drive value for both customers and team members. Prior to joining Daxko, he held prominent positions as the VP of Engineering at Lifetime Inc., Dealer Socket, and Alpha Bay where he successfully spearheaded the development and implementation of cutting-edge software solutions, enabling seamless user experiences and enhancing overall business performance. Originally from Norway, Bjørn attended the University of Utah earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Economics.

Matt Popinski
Senior Vice President of Payments
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Matt Popinski plays a pivotal role at Daxko as Senior Vice President of Payments, overseeing all electronic payments initiatives across a diverse portfolio of brands. With over 15 years of experience in sales and service organizations, including roles at AT&T and Johnson & Johnson, he has been a valuable member of the Daxko team since January 2007. At the core of Matt's passion is delivering exceptional experiences for customers and for team members. Matt's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, complemented by multiple accolades as a graduate of the Disney Institute.

Brittany Richards
Senior Vice President, Services
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Brittany Richards, Senior VP of Services at Daxko, leads the customer experience team, overseeing support, professional services, engagement, and technical excellence. With over a decade in customer success, she drives operational excellence and enhances customer experience at every touchpoint. Her leadership approach prioritizes understanding and meeting both her team's and clients' needs, fostering collaboration and empowerment. She excels in devising operational strategies that elevate customer experience and promote team growth. Brittany earned her B.A. and M.A. in History from the University of Alabama at Birmingham, shaping her holistic and empathetic leadership style. Her philosophy centers on serving others, leading by example, actively listening, and crafting solutions that make a difference. Outside the office, Brittany is devoted to raising her daughter, Mavey, and enjoys yoga and weightlifting, reflecting her dedication to personal growth and resilience.

Concetta Lewis
Vice President of Talent
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Concetta Lewis is the Vice President of Talent at Daxko, leading the company's culture and team member initiatives with a focus on cultivating an inclusive and diverse environment, particularly through the comprehensive diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) program. She holds a degree from Stillman College and certifications as a Senior Professional of Human Resources (SPHR) and a SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP). With this solid background, Concetta brings a wealth of expertise to effectively manage and advance talent within Daxko. Concetta's leadership extends beyond the organization as she served as the president of the Birmingham Society for Human Resources Management (BSHRM) for the past two years. In this role, she adeptly adapted the organization's programming and networking initiatives to cater to the evolving needs of the virtual age, further exemplifying her commitment to fostering growth and connection within the HR community.

Blake Goodsell
General Counsel
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Blake Goodsell is the General Counsel for Daxko, where he navigates the intricate intersection of law and business with a pragmatic approach honed through years of private practice. His academic foundation comprises a B.S. and J.D. from the University of Alabama, and he holds admissions to the state bars of Louisiana, Alabama, and Arkansas, along with various federal courts. Blake's legal expertise is a cornerstone of Daxko's operations, ensuring legal compliance and sound decision-making. Beyond his professional responsibilities, Blake is an active contributor to several nonprofit boards, championing a range of causes from greenspace preservation to international affairs.

Lionel Ebeling
Senior Vice President of Engineering
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Lionel Ebeling, the Senior Vice President of Engineering at Daxko, is the driving force behind the company's development and testing initiatives, drawing upon his extensive two-decade tenure in the dynamic E-Commerce Industry. With a proven track record of nurturing and expanding cross-disciplinary technology teams, he brings a wealth of experience in growing and scaling operations. Prior to joining the company in 2017, Lionel made substantial contributions to Expedia, a renowned player in the online travel sector. During his tenure, he led multiple development teams, overseeing critical areas such as lodging shopping, cross-device experiences, personalized recommendation systems, and responsive design across their expansive global portfolio of consumer brands. Lionel's true passion lies in delivering large-scale, highly available, and distributed technology solutions that play a pivotal role in empowering health and wellness initiatives worldwide. His academic background includes a B.S. in Math & Computer Science from the University of Illinois.

Nick Lindauer
Vice President, Digital Services
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Nick Lindauer is the Vice President of Demand and Digital Services at Daxko, where he leads the company's Digital Services division. With over 20 years of experience in digital marketing, Nick brings a wealth of digital marketing knowledge and expertise to the company. In his current role, he oversees a talented team responsible for website design, development, and digital marketing services across Daxko’s diverse markets. Nick is particularly skilled in strategic planning, optimizing operational performance, and nurturing strong client relationships. His areas of specialization encompass SEO, Google Analytics, Paid Search, and Website Development Solutions, further enhancing his proficiency in the digital marketing realm. Nick's educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a Marketing Emphasis from the University of Oregon's Charles H. Lundquist College of Business and studies in Nuclear Science & Business Administration at Oregon State University. In addition to his professional achievements, Nick has proudly served in the US Navy as a Submarine Sonar Tech 1st Class.

David Molina
Vice President, Enterprise Architecture
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

David leads the enterprise architecture practice for Daxko ranging from enterprise solutioning, architectural leadership, innovation and aligning business systems. He joined Daxko as the CTO of CSI Spectrum in 2016. David transitioned to solutions architecture and then managed technical operations to oversee infrastructure, compliance, and security across our portfolio. His 20 years of technology experience and multiple leadership roles have been invaluable in guiding the company's architectural direction. David received his B.S. in Chemistry from Texas A&M University. He and his wife reside in Houston with their three energetic boys. Outside the office, you'll find David working out or tinkering with something. He loves the maker movement and combines his woodworking passion with 3D printing and electronics to well...make things.

Kate Hardy
Vice President of Payments
Ron Lamb - CEO of Daxko

Kate serves as Daxko's Vice President of Payments, managing Payment operations across the enterprise business. She has a proven record of developing processes and operational efficiencies. Prior to joining Daxko, Kate managed operations and payment analysis at a large retail/wholesale ISO servicing 10,000+ merchants and over 100 sales representatives. Originally from Glasgow, Scotland, she received her BS from the University of Sunderland, England. Kate now lives in Birmingham Alabama with her husband and dog.

Ron Lamb


Prior to joining Daxko as CEO, Ron spent 26 years at Reynolds & Reynolds, a leading provider of software, hardware, and other services for retail automotive dealerships. He began as a sales trainee and steadily rose through the organization to become its President in 2010. Ron led a global team to focus on re-engineering their software and services portfolio into a dynamic suite of solutions transforming the customer experience. As a self-described health and fitness “nut”, he is energized by the passion and dedication of Daxko team members in helping health and wellness centers in their meaningful work. He holds a bachelor’s degree in politics from Princeton University and an MBA from Loyola College in Baltimore. Ron currently serves on the board of directors of Crayons to Classrooms, a nonprofit organization providing essential school supplies at no cost to enhance the learning readiness of all students.

Winston Gillum


Winston is responsible for all financial and administrative activities of Daxko, including financial planning and analysis, mergers and acquisitions, accounting and controls, human resources, and legal affairs. Prior to joining Daxko, Winston worked for 16 years as an associate, vice president, and managing director in Harbert Management Corporation’s Private Equity Group. While at Harbert, Winston focused on acquisitions and divestitures of lower middle market companies (companies with revenues between $20 and $100 million) across a broad range of industries. Winston began his career in accounting at Ernst & Young and later joined McKinsey & Company as a management consultant. Winston received his undergraduate degree in accounting from the University of Alabama and his MBA from Harvard University.

Jeff VanDixhorn

Chief Revenue Officer

Jeff is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in the athletic club industry. He purchased his first club in 1995 and over the course of the next 8 years grew the organization to include multi-purpose athletic facilities in Illinois, Indiana and Wisconsin. In 2007, Jeff founded Club Automation, a sophisticated club management system used today by over 400 facilities nationwide. Now that Club Automation is a part of the Daxko family, he oversees the enterprise side of the business as Chief Revenue Officer. Jeff is based out of our Chicago office.

Stefani Thornton

Chief Revenue Officer

Stefani Thornton is the Chief Revenue Officer for the Daxko and Zen Planner brands. Thornton leads Daxko’s revenue growth strategy in the boutique fitness and nonprofit market segments.

Thornton, a 22-year technology professional, brings a strong track record to Daxko with experience in training, product demonstrations, and sales. During her 15-year sales career, she achieved Sales Club 12 times, President’s Club 8 times, and won the highest sales achievement award in the company.

Bjørn Bjerkøe


Bjørn (pronounced “B-yearn”) serves as Daxko’s Chief Technology Officer. He has a successful track record developing people, process and innovative software solutions as a servant leader in the software industry. He is passionate about customer-centric focus in all sides of the business, from support to product strategy as well as development. With 17 years of experience leading operational and software development teams, Bjørn uses innovation as a tool to benefit customers and team members alike. Bjørn grew up in Norway. He now lives in Denver, Colorado with his family, where he enjoys snowboarding, mountain biking and eating a lot of pizza. Bjørn means “Bear” in Norwegian.

Brittany Richards

SVP of Services

Brittany Richards comes to Daxko with almost 10 years in Customer Success. She has a proven track record of identifying and executing operational improvements that directly result in an enhanced customer experience. Accountability to both customers and internal teams is at the core of her values and she is a strong believer in ensuring that the customer experience is front and center. Prior to joining Daxko, Brittany held multiple leadership roles within SaaS companies in the healthcare and sports verticals. She also served as a consultant to executive leadership teams helping to draw up operational blueprints for accelerated growth while maintaining high customer satisfaction. As a Daxko leadership team member, she is an advocate for both Daxko and ZenPlanner clients, ensuring that our company focus remains on keeping our customers wildly successful. Brittany is a Birmingham native and received both her B.A. and M.A. in History at the University of Alabama – Birmingham.

Matt Popinski

VP of Payments

Matt joined the Daxko team in January 2007 after spending over 15 years working with sales and services organizations such as BellSouth / AT&T, Johnson and Johnson, and a Smith & Nephew distributor. Matt has a passion for designing and leading the development of new products, services, and processes. At the core of Matt’s passion is delivering exceptional experiences for customers and for team members and operating as a servant leader.

Matt began his career at Daxko as Director of Support Services where his teams launched Daxko’s multi-channel service model, proactive support and account management mechanisms, Daxko’s Customer Community forum, Daxko’s Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Program, Daxko’s Ambassador Program, Support Service’s Team Member Development Program. Matt’s teams achieved all-time highs in service KPIs, customer retention, and customer loyalty metrics. Additionally, Matt lead the Daxko Team Member Development Program for 3 years, coordinating the delivery of 30+ learning sessions and launching the Daxko Services book club. Matt has hired and contributed to the success of 14 Daxko Achiever’s Club winners. He has spoken at local and national events on the topics of Crafting Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty Programs, Creating Customer Service Cultures, and Service Excellence through Leadership.

During 2013 and 2014, Matt served on the NetVentures Acquisition Team and led the post-acquisition team as General Manager of the Trinexum Business Unit. Under his leadership, the Trinexum Business Unit has exceeded all customer retention objectives, all revenue retention objectives, and all profitability objectives.

More recently, Matt (and others) led Daxko’s entry into the credit card processing space and completed Daxko’s registration as an ISO in early 2016. He led the AAC post-acquisition team in 2018 and now serves as Vice President of Payments at Daxko. Matt manages all electronic payments endeavors across Daxko, Spectrum, ZenPlanner, AAC, and Club Automation. Matt is a three-time Daxko Achiever’s Club winner and also led the Support Services to the Daxko team of the year award in 2008.

Matt holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Alabama – Birmingham and is a multi-time graduate of the Disney Institute. Matt lives in Helena, AL with his wife and four children and is an active member of his local church. He is a self-proclaimed soccer enthusiast and is a nationally licensed competitive soccer coach.

Nathan Bobbin

VP of Product

With 16+ years’ experience in enterprise software product management, Nathan believes amazing user experiences shouldn’t be reserved for consumer software.  Nathan’s team of product managers and designers seek to deliver the functionality our customers need through thoughtfully designed, easy to use product features. Nathan holds a BS in Marketing from Louisiana State University and a MS in Management Information Systems from University of Colorado at Denver.  He lives in the Denver suburbs with his wife and two kids and spends his free time coaching and cheering at his kids’ sporting events.

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