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Payment Processing Software

You’re dedicated to your organization’s growth, but credit card declines, data breaches, and a million other things put your revenue at risk. Gains, Daxko’s payment processing and billing solution, will remove doubt about when—or if—your next payment will come. Our fully integrated solutions work with your existing software to provide a seamless, stress-free experience. So, tell us, how do you want to get paid?

The Better Way to Paid

What’s better than getting paid? Getting paid more. With Gains, watch your existing cash flow grow. Gains’ proactive card account updater prevents declines, leading to fewer terminations and ultimately more money in your pocket. With Gains’ easy-to-use insights reporting, all you have to do is sit back, relax, and watch the cash roll in.

The Fast Way to Paid

Time is money. Spend less time chasing credit card declines and more time chasing growth. With Gains on your team, you’ll experience fewer declines. And with fewer declines, you’ll get back countless hours so you can focus on the work that really matters. Next-day funding equals more pay days and less waiting, which means you’re on your way to getting paid faster.

The Secure Way to Paid

With more money in your pocket, you need more security. Protect your customers’ payment information against breaches with tokenization, prevent fraudulent transactions with our address verification service, and trust our PCI compliant system to defend all your data. With easy access to insight reports on your payment data and transactions, you can rest assured that Gains has your back.

Gains payment processing has made us much more efficient in our processing and collections of payments. The proactive account updater functionality has greatly decreased the number of returns we see each month. When we do have a return, the integration allows us to easily add a note or fee to the file within the returns manager and re-process if needed.
Sabra Stewart, CFO
YMCA of Western North Carolina
Gains payment processing proactive card account updater has been a driving force in decreasing the time spent on collections. Our first year, we decreased our terminations due to returns by 963 units. Our terminations instantly dropped due to the CAU.
Pam Flatter, IT Training & Support Specialist
YMCA of Greater Dayton
We used to spend 40 hours a week and now we spend 20-24 hours a week on collections because we are chasing fewer declines. Our full-time Payments Administrator manages collections for over 16 locations. She now works as a part-time Payments Administrator and the other half of her time has been reallocated to our Accounting Department which picked up a vacant staff position.
Connie Nelson-Askew, Association Business Services Dir
Valley of the Sun YMCA