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Retain Revenue

Credit cards are the most popular payment method for members, accounting for 59% of YMCA and JCC transactions. But, declined cards lead to lost revenue and hours spent by staff trying to collect. The impact of a card decline doesn’t stop there—1 in 3 members will terminate within 30 days of it happening.

With Gains, Daxko’s payment processing and billing solution, you can  prevent declines from happening and keep cash flow on the right track.

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Launch corporate memberships

More than two thirds of US employers offer a wellness benefit; but managing a corporate partner program can be time consuming.  Daxko Operations accelerates all areas of member management, including corporate partnerships.

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Stay competitive with 24 hour access

3 million Americans are third shift workers who have limited options for fitness in their time off. Also, the typical YMCA can expect a 20% decrease in membership once a competitive 24 hour facility opens in their community. Daxko Facility Access can help you stay competitive and offer a safe place for members to exercise anytime.

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Proactive prospecting

It takes at least eight attempts to reach a prospective member, but most sales teams only have time for two. Our AI-powered Engagement Assistant can help pass qualified leads for membership and programs to your team for maximum effectiveness.

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Increase giving

Only 6% of members will ever give to your fundraising campaigns and half that number will donate a second time. Maximize fundraising efforts by identifying and communicating with the members most likely to give.

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Boost program revenue

Your community is likely not aware of your organization’s many offerings. Targeted marketing campaigns and 1:1 cross-selling can accelerate participation and registration revenue. Marketing automation can amplify –and prove the value of --your program registration efforts.

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