Full Service Billing


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Daxko Full Service Billing recaptures lost revenue due to NSF declines (insufficient funds) by utilizing SmartDate technology integrated into Daxko Operations. It also goes one step further, leveraging 20 years of payment expertise by having our Daxko team take care of  inbound and outbound billing calls on behalf of your organization.

Increase Your Bottom Line

Daxko Resubmission Services helps you take back lost revenue due to NSF declines. With SmartDate technology, Daxko will increase your percentage of recovery in a shorter amount of time.

Reduce Terminations

1 in 3 customers cancel their membership when contacted about a credit card decline. Avoid the uncomfortable payments call with members and keep members retained.

Take Back Your Valuable Time

Streamline your business processes by outsourcing your recovery efforts. Allow Daxko to systematically focus on the money that should already be coming in with inbound and outbound services to update any remaining membership declines. Free your time to further your mission, increase member engagement, and impact your community.

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