Full-Service  Billing

Find Your Way to paid

The Smart Way to Paid

There’s no quicker way to stress a perfectly healthy relationship than by bringing up money. Why put your member relationships in jeopardy by having uncomfortable money conversations? Let our full-service billing team, powered by Gains, use their 30+ years of payments expertise to handle all your billing needs. The team resolves insufficient fund declines and keeps member accounts updated, all while providing your members with the best possible care. With Gains managing your inbound and outbound communication, you can work smarter not harder to strengthen your member relations.

The Fast Way to Paid

You know what takes a long time? Manually entering hundreds or thousands of credit card updates. Rather than wasting countless hours trying to keep up with endless payment information, use Gains’ proactive card account updater to keep payment information up-to-date and ensure uninterrupted billing. With a team dedicated to managing all billing communication and operations, you and your staff are left with more time to focus on what really matters—inspiring your members to live happier, healthier lives.

The Better Way to Paid

Did you know one in three members who experience a payment decline will cancel their membership? With a proactive card account updater, decrease your payment declines and subsequent member terminations. Gains’ resubmission service with SmartDate technology recovers lost revenue. And with a full team of billing professionals on your side, you’ll save money on labor costs associated with devoting staff time to tracking down payments.