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Accelerate Your Mission

Your Y is unique, and we are here to support you and your mission.

We work with countless YMCAs of various sizes and goals to continually support the Movement.

With deep roots in the YMCA Movement, we delivered our first, tailored operational platform in 2001. Today, over 560 YMCAs in the United States utilize this core system to power their daily operations. Recently debuting the Mission Acceleration Suite, Daxko now empowers YMCAs to drive critical mission outcomes like revenue, growth, community engagement, branding, wellness, and data insights. 79% of YMCAs in the US utilize Daxko to power their daily operations. Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of YMCAs and nonprofit health and fitness centers.

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members use our software for their health and fitness


YMCAs rely on Daxko Operations


YMCAs in the US utilize Daxko Operations

Streamline Processes & Scale Your Staff

Inconsistent processes can generate errors, cause poor data, create problems with members, and affect the overall health of your YMCA. Accelerate your ability to streamline processes and scale staff for more efficiency.

Secure Data for Sound Decision-making

You need sound tools to make sound decisions. How are you pacing with your peers? What is the benchmark for program discounts? Make your data work for you and your community with insight like the donor indicator, retention indicator, and Performance Analytics.

Most Importantly, good experience for your members

Your members are at the core of your Y. Therefore, that is our #1 priority as well. We focus making it easier for members to get connected and manage their accounts- online registration, scheduling, corporate memberships, etc.

API, Open, Secure, and Certified

Tools that work together. This is one of the most popular requests we've heard, so we've launch the Daxko Certified Interface. This is certified network of safe and secure data transfer to keep your tool streamlined and connected, and putting your members privacy is our top priority.

Award-winning Support, No Added Cost

Your success is our priority. Our consultants are training to help accelerate your mission with several years of award-winning experience.

This is it. The Mission Acceleration Suite, the way to serve your ever-changing world.

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