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Mobile App for Nonprofits

Meet members anytime, anywhere with an app built for connection.

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An app where everyone is welcome

An app for mission-driven organizations like yours. Grow your good by helping members feel like they belong. Stay connected and top of mind like never before. Send real-time updates, engage members with challenges, and boost your fundraising efforts, all with a few taps.

Customize your brand

Showcase your unique brand with an app that can be personalized to feature your organization’s colors, logo, and mission.

Empower members to manage

Give members control over their accounts—from updating personal information to tracking membership status—all from their mobile device.

Provide your staff with more

Empower your team with tools designed for efficiency. Manage operations, interact with members, and handle everything in one place.

Engage your community

Increase participation and create a connected community with fun and motivating challenges to encourage regular interaction with members.

Daxko Mobile Feature Highlights

Mobile app interface for Daxko's nonprofit software, highlighting intuitive usability and mobile features for accessing everything, everywhere

Access everything anywhere

  • Provide a single sign-on portal for all members.
  • Help your staff access everything through a dedicated staff portal.
  • Consolidate your organization’s calendar, making it the source of truth across all devices.
Nonprofit mobile app interface for Daxko's software, highlighting push notifications and mobile features to enhance member experiences.

Experiences that elevate members

  • Push notifications and rewards that matter to members on their smartphones.
  • Allow members to register for programs on their devices.
  • Send real-time updates to individuals and groups about programming changes.
QR code on Daxko's nonprofit software mobile app, highlighting easy entry and facility access card integrations.

Facility access made simple

  • Allow members easy entry with a digital barcode on their phone and on their terms.
  • Daxko Mobile also integrates with Facility Access and Access Cards capabilities.

The combinations of all of the Daxko programs together have allowed us to reach more members in less time for simple notifications like a practice is canceled to major notifications such as building closures due to weather.

Aimee Santos - Membership Marketing, Hobart Family YMCA

Aimee Santos

Membership Marketing, Hobart Family YMCA

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