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Facility Access Control Systems for Nonprofits

Welcome people into a space that feels like their own, around the clock, with secure and convenient access to your facilities.

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Always be open, stay secure

Your organization is a safe place for so many. Protect the safety of all and manage access points anytime, anywhere with Facility Access hardware that monitors all entrance points.

Customize access protocols

Set custom protocols to govern who enters and when. Tailor access to fit the unique rhythm of your community.

Simplify hardware installation

Implement a sophisticated access system with professional hardware setup. Ensure a smooth and secure entry experience.

Be secure at all times

Gain insights from data analytics that allow you to understand facility usage and make strategic decisions on facility use, member experiences, and streamlines staffing.

Monitor all access points

Control any space, from interior doors, to entryways, to parking garages, and others access points needed for your unique facility.

Facility Access Feature Highlights

QR code on mobile in Daxko's software, highlighting facility access and door access control system features.

Fully integrated software & hardware

  • Control interior & exterior spaces including doors, parking garage and more
  • Leverage facility tracking for insights into usage
  • Depend on guaranteed “always on” uptime for 24/7 access solutions

We are going 24/7 this month, and with Daxko's Mobile Pass that connects with Operations, we feel that not only will we be able to increase our membership base, but provide a safe and secure environment for our members to access any time of the day!

Tara Andrews - Director of Human Resources and Business Operations, Shawnee Family YMCA

Tara Andrews

Director of Human Resources and Business Operations, Shawnee Family YMCA

Ready to grow further?

Offer members a safe and welcoming space with the dependable security Facility Access control systems.

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