The right partnership can transform how a community center connects with and serves its members. This lesson rang true for the YMCA of the North Shore, prompting them to search for new solutions.

Faced with the challenge of understanding and communicating with a diverse community, the YMCA of the North Shore sought a partner that could offer more than just technology. Gerald MacKillop, the Chief Operations Officer of the YMCA of the North Shore, shares how Daxko’s solutions not only enhanced their member engagement, but also deeply resonated with their commitment to community service.

Read on to discover how the YMCA of the North Shore leveraged Daxko’s expertise to enhance their member engagement and community impact.

Data is the Key to Meeting Member Needs

At the heart of every community-focused organization like the YMCA of the North Shore is a deep commitment to understanding and serving its members effectively. This critical need for insight into member desires and preferences was a primary driving force behind the YMCA of the North Shore’s decision to partner with Daxko.

“One of the big reasons we chose Daxko was because of all the insight [they] brought to the basic function of membership,” says Gerald MacKillop. “Understanding our members and what they want, being able to better communicate with our members in a more streamlined fashion...It’s important for us as a YMCA to run our organization this way.”

By leveraging Daxko’s tools, the YMCA of the North Shore can now access a wealth of data, from their member engagement and feedback levels to their preferences and behavior patterns. This information is invaluable for organizations like theirs, where understanding and meeting member needs are synonymous with successful community service.

A quote from MacKillop on how insight into member behavior impacts member engagement

Daxko Engage is the “Secret Sauce” in Their Recipe For Member Engagement

Effective communication stands as a cornerstone in the YMCA of the North Shore’s service ethos. Recognizing the pivotal role of consistent and meaningful interactions with their community, they sought a partner who could amplify their member engagement. Daxko Engage emerged as the ideal solution, offering automation tools that transformed how the YMCA of the North Shore interacted with their community.

“We believe Daxko Engage is going to be the secret sauce in our secret recipe,” says MacKillop. “We really pride ourselves on ongoing constant communication with our members, with our program participants, [and] with our childcare families. To be able to have the automation that Daxko provides so that when we develop processes and protocols, all of those action steps happen...all of those things are so important in communication so that our members have the best possible Y experience.”

With Daxko Engage, the YMCA of the North Shore can maintain a personal touch – crucial in nurturing a sense of community – while leveraging the efficiency of technology. Daxko’s automation tools didn’t just streamline communication; they elevated it. “Daxko is going to allow our Y to become a better Y for sure,” says MacKillop.

A quote from MacKillop emphasizing the impact data stewardship has on member engagement

Making a Greater Impact Through a True Partnership

The search for a software solution often centers on the technology’s capabilities, but the YMCA of the North Shore was searching for something more profound: a true partnership. “It's important to us that we do whatever it may be to have somebody on the other side of it really interested in what we're trying to do and really caring about what we're trying to do,” says MacKillop. The desire for a partnership that transcended transactional interactions was what led him to Daxko.

“As the Chief Operations Officer, it makes me feel really good that we're not seeing [Daxko say] ‘you should be trying to do it this way because that's how we would recommend it’”, says MacKillop. The Daxko team provided a listening ear and a commitment to understand the unique needs and challenges of the YMCA. This approach was crucial for MacKillop and his team, who valued a partner that supported their operational philosophies and community-centric goals. "[Daxko would suggest,] ‘this is how you could do it’,” says MacKillop. “’But this is how we can protect and preserve what you are trying to do so you get the end results that you want’.”  

This mindset was evident in how Daxko’s consultants immersed themselves in understanding the YMCA of the North Shore’s legacy systems and challenges, offering tailored solutions that aligned with their strategic objectives. “For [Daxko] to take an interest is really important and genuine,” says MacKillop. “[They] know what our community’s wants and needs are through us as stewards of that relationship. To be able to provide us with the tools to be able to do it is really incredible.”

The partnership between the YMCA of the North Shore and Daxko is a testament to the power of aligning technology with a deep understanding of community needs. Their journey illustrates how the right software, coupled with a shared vision, can profoundly impact member engagement and community impact.  

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