For nonprofit community centers, success often comes from finding the right partners to support your mission. For 17 years, the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center has chosen Daxko as that partner. Through this relationship, they've discovered the tools they need to transform their operations and better serve their community.  

Christian Craig, Executive Director of the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center, paints a picture of how that partnership has improved their operations and fueled greater community impact.

Facing the Initial Hurdle: A Race Against Time

“I was hired to help get the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center operational within 90 days on November 6, 2006,” says Craig. Capital funding constraints meant the facility had to open by January 1, 2007. It was imperative to choose a software solution that could be swiftly and effectively deployed.

“I had recently seen a demonstration of Daxko’s platform at my previous place of employment, a YMCA, and knew immediately it was what I wanted for the Edgar May,” says Craig. “The facility opened on December 31, 2006. We launched Daxko a few weeks later and have been with them ever since.”

Building Trust With Real-Time Data and Smooth Experiences

The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center sought nonprofit management software that would help them better understand their community without hidden costs. “We didn’t want to pay for each report we built or wanted access to,” says Craig.  

With Daxko, they found a wealth of general and custom reports offering invaluable insight into their member base. “As our organization grew, we were able to [access] real-time data about our membership demographics, catchment area, retention, revenue, and usage,” says Craig. “These reports allowed us to build trust [with our board of directors] and make sound management decisions through the ups and downs of 17 years of operations.”

Their partnership with Daxko wasn’t just about finding the right management tools; It was about building credibility. “Our members saw a well-organized process and platform that they trusted with their electronic funds transfers, their credit card billing, and overall membership experience,” says Craig. “We often hear how families wish signing up for soccer or basketball for their town’s recreation program was as easy as signing up for swim lessons or camp at the Edgar May.”  

Growing the Partnership for Greater Impact

Trust and communication have been key ingredients to the partnership between Daxko and the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center. “We appreciate Daxko’s willingness to listen and respond to what we need to be successful,” says Craig. “When we first launched the Daxko mobile app, we had some feedback that we felt would better serve our members and community. Within months, there were enhancements to the app that made it more effective and user-friendly.”  

Since launching Daxko, the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center has expanded the partnership by adding services like Daxko Mobile and Full-Service Billing. “We were fortunate to partner with Daxko at the ground level of our growing organization,” says Craig. The additional Daxko services “have allowed us to better communicate and respond to our members’ and community’s needs, as well as allowed our staff to operate more effectively and efficiently.”  

For other nonprofits looking to transform their operations, Craig says, “I don’t think you’ll find a better software platform that has the range of services, depth of data, and instant customer service that Daxko provides...The Edgar May Health and Recreation Center provides a lot of tours for regional communities that are interested in building new recreation facilities in their community. When I give these tours, Daxko is among the first things I bring up.”

Through a mutual commitment to trust, communication, and excellent member experiences, the partnership will continue to fuel the Edgar May Health and Recreation Center’s positive community impact.

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