We analyzed the performance of 540+ Daxko Operations users to identify the trends and challenges they faced in 2023. The results are in, and they show that nonprofits are entering 2024 on a good note.

As you explore the results below, you’ll notice a common theme: positivity. In 2023, nonprofit community centers experienced consistent year-over-year growth across the board, signaling a thriving industry. These trends set the stage for even more growth in 2024.

Read on to learn how nonprofits performed in 2023 and how you can keep that momentum going in 2024.

Infographic describing that major drivers to overall revenue include membership and childcare revenue growth rates.
All statistics are sourced from same-store, year-over-year data.

Year-Over-Year Nonprofit Trends to Watch in 2024

Top Membership Trends

  1. Active units increased 11%
  1. Active members increased 10%
  1. New units increased 8%
  1. Renewal units increased 17%
  1. Program registrations increased 10%
  1. Facility check-ins increased 22%
Active members increased 10%, facility check-ins increased 22%, program registrations increased 10%

Top Revenue Trends

  1. Total operating revenue increased 13%
  1. Membership revenue increased 18%
  1. Program revenue increased 2%
  1. Pledge amounts decreased 8%
  1. Childcare revenue increased 13%
Total operating revenue increased 13%, membership revenue increased 18%, and childcare revenue increased 13%

Decoding 2023’s Data

Nonprofit community centers saw growth across the board in 2023, and we expect that to continue in 2024. Last year’s insights predict which revenue streams will drive that growth and the insights needed to achieve strategic outcomes moving forward.

At a glance, 2023 confirmed the clear value of quality childcare and impactful youth programming. Families of all sizes are willing to pay more for health and wellness memberships that meet the needs of their growing households. Retaining these families and reaching others with similar needs is an opportunity to make a substantial impact in your community.

These positive KPIs above are in good company with positive nonprofit growth rates across the country. Many nonprofit leaders have reported meeting or exceeding their goals, while others are concerned over declining fundraising dollars in response to inflation. What successful organizations have in common is their quick assessment of trends and smart use of technology to support their staff. Invest in your team and technology to grow your good in 2024.

Ready to Grow Community Loyalty in 2024?

When your mission depends on continuously meeting the needs of your community, effort can make or break your success. 96% of customers with high-effort service interactions become more disloyal compared to just 9% who have a low-effort experience.

Take the Community Effort Score Quiz to see if you’re inspiring loyalty or leaving your community unsatisfied.

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