Introducing the Insights and Impact Report: Data Trends for the Health and Wellness Industry

Introducing the Insights and Impact Report: Data Trends for the Health and Wellness Industry

By Sara Perry
Published On Jul 17, 2020

2020 has been chaotic and unpredictable.

While you may have recently re-opened, and we hope you are seeing positive signs of recovery, we are not out of the woods yet. Rising cases and potential re-closures keep the Movement in a state of confusion and uncertainty.

We know you need a trusted source of industry data and insight into how the Movement and the health and wellness industry are recovering.

Daxko is excited to bridge this information gap by bringing a NEW Insights and Impact report.

This monthly report provides a holistic view of how the health, wellness, and fitness industry at large is recovering by leveraging data from our core solutions. Furthermore, it provides unique insights and recommendations for our YMCAs, JCCs, and Community Centers.

Key Performance Indicators Powered by Performance Analytics

As trends change from month to month, so will the KPIs (key performance indicators) examined in the Insights and Impact Report. In its breakout version, June 2020, the KPIs analyzed are Revenue, Check-Ins, Membership, and Registrations.

As you dig deeper into each section, these KPIs are broken out by revenue size so that you can compare how you are recovering to your peers.

Top June Takeaways

Your community deserves to know what’s happening in the industry, especially during these challenging times, and Daxko is prepared to deliver that clarity. Here are the top takeaways from our June 2020 report:

  1. While there are positive indicators of re-opening and recovery, revenue across all nonprofits has not bounced back and is still normalizing slowly.
  1. Member check-ins increase 518% MOM as states lift stay at home orders.
  1. Most members remain active in June even with health concerns and limited access to facilities.

Explore more trends! Read the full report now.

As you fight for your communities, Daxko is fighting for you. Visit the Insights and Impact Report, view the trends across markets, interact with the YMCAs, JCCs, and Community Centers data, and even download a PDF to take with you.

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