Daxko Mobile: An App for You and Your Community

Daxko Mobile: An App for You and Your Community

By Sara Perry
Published On Jan 31, 2024

Your community’s transformative impact is grounded in everyday interactions. From a member’s first welcome email to registering a child for programs, Daxko has been your reliable partner for over 20 years.

Now, with the new Daxko Mobile App, we’re here to support your mission from anywhere.

This new app makes it easier for mission-driven organizations to manage their tasks and connect with people through:

  • A consolidated calendar view that brings events, programs, classes and more all into one place.
  • A program recommender that offers smart, relevant suggestions to users, helping create a personalized experience.
  • And in-app donation and fundraising tools to help you grow your impact from any mobile device.

More than just an app, it’s an inclusive experience where everyone feels welcome and connected.

Meet the All-New Daxko Mobile App

Access Everything from Anywhere

  • One Login for Everything: Eliminate the need for multiple usernames and passwords. Provide an easy, user-friendly experience for staff and members with the simplicity of a single login.
  • Staff facing functionality: Give your staff the tools they need. Enhance staff’s ability to manage operations, interact with members, and access their own member account – all from one app.
  • Consolidated Calendar: Members are busy and need to easily access their schedule and plan their day. With our consolidated calendar, members can see classes, programs, events, and more all in one place.

Connect with Your Community

  • Fundraising: Boost fundraising efforts and get access to specialized tools for organizing and promoting fundraising activities on the go on any mobile device.
  • Push Notifications: Keep members connected and informed with push notifications. From reminders about upcoming classes to closure alerts, timely updates make it easy to stay in the know.
  • Challenges: Increase participation and create a connected community with challenges. Fun and motivating, challenges encourage regular interaction and friendly competition.

Elevate Your Member Mobile Experience

  • Program Recommender: Guide members to programs they’ll love. Program recommender analyzes member preferences and offers smart, relevant suggestions to users, helping create a personalized experience.
  • Program Registration: Make signing up for programs easy. Members can register for their favorite activities from their mobile device – making every program accessible in just a few taps.
  • Group Exercise Scheduling: Keep members motivated and engaged. Provide a real-time view of available classes, helping members plan their fitness journey around their schedule.
  • Membership Account Management: Give members control over their accounts on their terms. Simplify membership management – from updating personal information to tracking membership status – all from their phone.
  • Digital Barcode: Transform a member’s phone into a pass, offering a hassle-free, eco-friendly way to enter your facility.

Your App, Your Mission

  • Branded App Offering: Showcase your unique identity by placing your brand on the app. Immerse members in your organization’s colors, logo, and mission, creating a mobile experience that feels like community. Give your members a sense of belonging every time they interact with the app – whether it’s the welcoming splash screen, your local logo, or the familiar colors that greet them. Ensure your personality and mission are reflected throughout your mobile experience. It’s your community, your mission, and now, your app – ready to represent what you stand for.

What Customers Are Saying

“I’m very excited about having an easy way to let members know that we’ve had to close or cancel something right in this app. Pickleball is exploding at our Y right now, so having the space schedules available in the app will make a great member experience and save a lot of phone calls to the front desk.”

Jennifer Elliott, Beatrice Mary Family YMCA

Experience the New Daxko Mobile App

Daxko’s dedicated team is here to guide you every step of the way. With comprehensive training and smooth onboarding experience, we ensure you make the most of this transformative tool.

Now, your members can easily check in, access personalized programs, and explore a simple calendar—all from their smartphones. Strengthen connections, stay top of mind, and engage members with real-time updates, challenges, and fundraising efforts. Empower your team with efficient tools to manage everything in one place, reflecting your unique brand—logo, colors, and mission, creating a sense of belonging in every interaction.

We invite you to explore the new Daxko Mobile App and join the waitlist now. Exciting times lie ahead — create connections, capture meaningful moments, and grow your good.

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