Club Automation and Epifany Partner to Enhance Member Engagement

By Mary Bonner
Published On Oct 11, 2023

Daxko, the leading software and integrated payments solutions provider in the health, fitness, and wellness industry, announces its partnership with Epifany, an enterprise business intelligence solution designed to help businesses collect the highest caliber of customer data and feedback. The integration between Club Automation, Daxko’s management solution for member-based fitness businesses like health clubs, athletic clubs, and medically integrated wellness centers, and Epifany is designed to empower fitness businesses by enhancing member interaction and supercharging their performance.

Epifany distinguishes itself as a robust feedback platform that goes beyond the ordinary. Unlike conventional consumer surveys, which often employ a one-size-fits-all approach, Epifany takes a more nuanced and insightful route, recognizing the diverse segments of members that fitness businesses serve. It acknowledges that feedback from a loyal, long-time member can significantly differ from that of a first-time visitor.

“Epifany isn’t just another feedback tool; it’s a game-changer for fitness businesses,” says Wendy White, Chief Marketing and Partner Officer at Daxko. “This partnership provides our customers with a dynamic solution for gathering critical insights and strengthening their member relationships.”

Epifany equips fitness facilities to create custom surveys tailored to specific user triggers, delivering actionable insights that help businesses understand member pain points, increase sales, and reduce churn. The integration with Club Automation provides the following benefits:

  • Custom Surveys: Tailored surveys for specific customer segments ensure higher response quality.
  • Dynamic User Flows: Customizing survey journeys based on individual responses leads to more relevant offers and calls-to-action.
  • Real-Time Data: Responses are instantly stored on the intuitive Epifany dashboard, streamlining response review, data analysis, trend identification, and qualitative feedback analysis.
  • Direct Member Interaction: Leveraging Epifany’s dashboard to engage directly with member feedback fosters a sense of community, emphasizing the importance of members’ voices.
  • Executive Level Reports: Access to executive-level reports simplifies data tracking over time and facilitates informed decision-making.
  • Lead Generation Tool: Enhance lead generation by continually capturing vital lead information and automating sales tasks through the integrated tool.

“We understand that a single, standard survey won’t capture the nuances of diverse user segments,” explains Stephen Morgan, EVP of Business Operations at Epifany. “Epifany works closely with our partners to customize and automate surveys to the individual user segments that matter the most to them. Our easy-to-use dashboard helps businesses gather and respond to critical feedback that helps their businesses grow. We are thrilled about the opportunity to partner with Daxko and Club Automation, the industry-leading software provider, so we can extend our offerings to more fitness businesses.”

The partnership with Epifany promises to enhance the way fitness businesses engage with their members, providing valuable insights to improve operations and strengthen member loyalty. Through the integration of Club Automation and Epifany, fitness businesses are enabled to gather targeted data, enhance member experiences, boost sales, and reduce churn. To learn more about this partnership, visit

About Daxko  

Daxko is the leading technology partner for health and fitness centers worldwide, delivering comprehensive technology solutions, integrated payment processing, and unparalleled insights. Since 1998, we have been dedicated to meeting the unique needs of health clubs, boutique fitness studios, affiliate gyms, campus recreation facilities, integrated wellness centers, and key community organizations like YMCAs and JCCs. With a global presence spanning 55 countries, we empower nearly 19,000 facilities and over 25 million+ members to achieve their health and wellness goals. Join the Daxko Nation of brands, including Zen Planner, SugarWOD, Club Automation, and more, and discover the future of health and wellness at

About Epifany

Epifany is an enterprise business intelligence solution designed to help brands collect and respond to the highest caliber of customer data and feedback. The Epifany platform allows partners to automate surveys designed for unique customer segments.  Surveys are designed mobile first and offer a premier, modernized user experience that is easily integrated to existing CRM, mobile apps, email, websites or SMS systems. Surveys are concise, personalized and are meant to be completed in under 120 seconds. Partners can access and respond to feedback in real-time on our web-based dashboard and make strategic decisions with critical customer experience information in-hand. To learn more, visit

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