2020: Leaving a legacy together

2020: Leaving a legacy together

By Sara Perry
Published On Jan 11, 2021

With the start of the new year, there’s plenty that we’re looking forward to and just as much we’re hoping to leave behind. 2020 was difficult and unprecedented in so many ways. But as we reflect on the events of this year, we’re struck with an overwhelming feeling of pride—in our customers, in our peers, and in the Movement as a whole.

When COVID-19 struck, you didn’t throw in the towel and admit defeat. You dug your heels in and worked harder than ever to serve the ever-changing needs of your community. From emergency childcare, to virtual classes, to COVID-19 testing, you innovated and adapted. Even through turmoil, you put in the work to transform your communities and further your mission.

As you got to work, we did too. At the start of the pandemic, the team at Daxko pivoted quickly to ensure you all had the resources you needed to continue serving your communities. We banded together to fight for our common goal. As a result, we all benefited from increased resource sharing, a renewed drive to network, and a stronger sense of community.

Resources and Relief

When the pandemic started, our top priority was ensuring our customers could survive and recover strong amidst the hits to membership, revenue, and check-ins.

With this in mind, we provided over $1.5 million in direct fee relief since the pandemic began. We also produced industry pieces and resources to guide our customers through uncertain times. To that end, we partnered with Movement and industry leaders to create strategies and tips for re-opening and re-inventing. Some resources include:

New Functionality

In addition to providing resources, we also fought to make our products serve your changing environment. This year our team pivoted quickly to enhance and improve our system functionality to ensure it met the needs of your team. In total, we launched 216 product releases! A few highlights include… 

  • Document Storage
  • Schedule a visit, orientation, and program packages
  • Virtual Check-ins
  • Branch and Area Capacity Trackers
  • Member Prospecting in Daxko Engage
  • New Fundraising Experience and Management
  • New Online Member Account
  • Digital Analytics Tracking
  • SMS Texting in Daxko Engage
  • Data Cleansing for physical addresses
  • New Group rules for facility usage and online joins

2020 marked many firsts for the Movement. It was the first time we were faced with massive, mandated facility closures, and it was the first time we operated through a pandemic.

But 2020 also marked a huge turning point.

This year we discovered the incredible power of collaboration and the insurmountable strength we possess when we work as one. So, cheers to the new year, and cheers to 2020—let us always remember it as the year of collaboration and a year that brought us that much closer to our goal of leaving a legacy of changed lives!

As we work toward a brighter future, we’re honored to serve the Movement in accelerating your missions. Schedule time with our team to discuss your goals for the new year!

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