Boys and Girls Club Software

Bettering your community matters.

Accelerate Your Mission

If you’re employing disjointed solutions to meet your operational needs, we’re here to tell you there’s a better way. We’ve worked with countless YMCAs of various sizes for 20 years, and while we are well versed in The Y Movement, we know that if you're not afraid to try new things, neither are we.  

We’ve taken the time to get our systems right with over 560 organizations across the country, all the while continuing to evolve and perfect our systems. Learn more about how we support Boys and Girls Clubs.  

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Attendance Tracking

Gain a deeper understanding of who your club serves so you can accurately report on impact. Increase youth safety by knowing who is in your facility at any given time. Decrease drop-off friction for parents and staff.  

Our new Attendance Tracker is housed within the larger Daxko software ecosystem, which improves reporting accuracy and makes your staff’s lives easier.  

Data Security

The more systems you have housing members’ information, the higher the risk of potential exposure to data security issues. Your team is responsible for keeping the information of minors confidential. There are processes built into our system to ensure an exceptional level of data security, decreasing risk for your youth.  

All of our systems are fully PCI compliant, and each staff has their own login with varying levels of permissions to ensure every action can be tracked back to the individual staff member.  

Ease of Use

Better serve the youth in your care. Decrease time spent behind a screen managing the check-in process and streamline communication with automations.

Everything in the Daxko software ecosystem is simple to use, straight out of the box. With our integrated systems, take fewer steps to accomplish the same tasks.


Continue to raise the bar on your fundraising efforts with our suite of solutions. Our integrated CRM system can track donations to marketing outreaches, which allows for better tracking.

This is it. The Mission Acceleration Suite, the way to serve your ever-changing world.

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