In the second quarter of the year, as associations reopened their doors, capacity restrictions lifted, mask mandates ended, former members returned to their facilities, nonprofits saw a spike in new membership.

Our quarterly Insights and Impact report offers valuable insight into the state of the industry. From new member joins and check-ins trends to member holds and cancellation tracking, we’ve got the information you need to drive your association needs to succeed in the coming months. Find the high-level takeaways below, and download the free report to access all the numbers, graphs, and full insights.

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Member check-ins are seeing a steady increase throughout Q2and experienced a large uptick from May to June. This is a lagging metric that is highly dependent upon one of the next metrics, New Member Joins.

Cancellations and New Member Joins

A steady decrease in member cancellations and holds coupled with a rise in new member joins shows that not only are members choosing to stay at their associations, but associations are further growing their member bases. The month of June showcased the lowest number of cancellations since the beginning of 2021, as well as the highest number of new member joins.


The Revenue metric is also directly related to membership and new member joins. As membership increases, so, too, will revenue. The good news is that revenue is steadily increasing for nonprofit wellness organizations.

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