With more volunteers, there’s more risk, and when it comes to risk management, there are 3 major hurdles you need to clear.  

Chris Capone, Daxko’s Director of Sales for Playerspace, and Kimberly Chochon, the VP of Partnerships at Sterling Volunteers, provided ways to tackle risk management problems at your organization.  

Check out the full recording above or catch the takeaways below.  

Validate and Document Your Data

It’s not always easy for staff to locate data on volunteers that could help in a grant application, annual report, or simply keeping a pulse on volunteerism at the organization. By moving from reactive to proactive, monitoring volunteer data is easier to manage and imperative to ensure the safety of program participants. From tracking background checks to confirming volunteers have the proper certifications, documenting data in a centralized location will help keep your players safe.

Enforce Standard Operating Procedures

When it comes to volunteer coaches, it’s challenging to know if they’re following standard protocol. To mitigate this problem, some organizations have licensed 3rd party vendors, while others are opting for home-grown solutions like shared Google Drive folders, but the process is certainly not as efficient as it could be. You need a way to document your volunteers’ adherence to these necessary SOPs.  

Retain Trusted Volunteers

Recruiting and retaining volunteers is not easy. So, once you have a cohort of trusted volunteers who are vetted and proven, make it easy for them to identify and commit to further volunteer opportunities. Provide clear communication of what your organization needs, from time commitment to certification requirements, and then create a path for them to easily get there. You’ll save staff time while ensuring the safety of your program participants.  

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