We know you joined your YMCA, JCC, or community center to impact lives, and at times, administrative headaches can get in the way of accelerating that mission. You want a powerfully simple system to run and grow your organization, and you landed here to evaluate Daxko vs. ReClique CORE, or to look for CORE alternatives. We want to support you through that process, because we believe it should be easier to find the right system for you.

At Daxko, we’re on a mission to power health and wellness throughout the world, and we’re specifically focused on building and delivering integrated technology, services, insights and payments tailored for YMCAs, JCCs, and community rec organizations. CORE built their platform for YMCAs as well.

So what’s the difference?

We are for organizations in search of a comprehensive, long-term solution. 

If you’re looking for a robust partner dedicated to supporting you in your success, we built our Mission Acceleration Suite for you. Need a little more information? We sat down with our team to synthesize all the ways Daxko is different. We distilled those conversations below.

Top Reasons Why Organizations Choose Daxko over ReClique CORE

With Us, You’re Protected

Once you have made the huge decision of which platform to manage and grow your organization, you won’t have to revisit that decision constantly. Through contracts and service level agreements, we provide your organization with stability and protection — peace of mind that you’ve entered into a partnership with a provider that’s just as invested in your success as you are. You need to know that your data and essential services won’t be at risk, and that your software will always accurately report key metrics. We are positioned to grow as you grow, and the decades of experience we’ve cultivated in the market stand to prove that.

Truly Integrated and Comprehensive Solutions

In addition to our core platform, we bring integral solutions to the table, including our CRM tool, Engage. To grow your organization, you need a way to manage strategic and automated communication. That’s why we built this engagement platform — to allow you to give your staff the right tools to connect with members, tell your story, and deliver your mission. Our solutions are also rich in functionality and API ability, so you can create and scale the online web experience and address unique business needs.

Additionally, we connect you with the power of an integrated payments system. This means that, with Daxko Operations and Gains payment processing, payments can be entered directly into our accounting software and applied to the general ledger or credited to an invoice. This simple process eliminates human errors and double data entry and helps your organization function as efficiently as possible.

“They’re already doing things for other YMCAs that we’re just starting to think about. Sometimes we’ll have a great idea, and Daxko has already done something with another Y, so they’re easily able to build things for us.” Melissa Hope, Executive Director at the Summerville Family YMCA

Unmatched Data and Analytics

You need to keep a pulse on your organization's health. Because of the number of YMCAs and JCCs we partner with, we have better insight into what your organization needs, and we deliver. The organizations we work with love that they can leverage our robust and trustworthy industry data to shape decisions and further their missions.

When you pull reports from your management software, you need to know that the numbers will match with what you have on paper that you’ve achieved. With Daxko, that never has to be a question in your mind. Hear from Kali Atienza at the Summerville Family YMCA

Our data and analytics are what allow us to provide peer benchmarking reports. You can take advantage of our national peer benchmark comparisons powered by analytical models of similar organizations. You can track how you are trending compared to other Daxko Operations users like you based on our advanced machine learning algorithm, and you can take reporting one-step deeper by choosing other peer groups to compare to based on size, locations, and U.S. Census Data.

Best-in-Class Implementation and Support

You can be sure that we take support and implementation seriously. With deep knowledge of YMCA and JCC markets, our team is able to support your organization based on a catalog of established best practices and standard operating procedures, so you can be confident that your organization will be set up for success. And since each member of our team is well-versed in how your organization operates, we’re fully equipped to support you on your timeline at any turn. Initial implementation and ongoing support are both included in our standard pricing, so you’ll never have to decide how well you want to be set up based on what you can afford.

Daxko is the trusted, proven, and reliable partner for your organization. With nearly 20 years serving YMCAs, JCCs, and other member-based nonprofits, we’ve gained a deep expertise of your needs and have a predictable business model that keeps pace with your growth. We’ve perfected a powerful membership engine and the proven processes to deliver, develop and support it.

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