Maybe you’re feeling like your current systems and processes are outdated and inefficient, robbing you of time to do the mission-critical work your organization exists to do. You deserve a system designed to run efficiently and grow your organization. If you’re here because you’re evaluating Daxko vs. CCC, or looking for CCC alternatives, we’ve compiled a bit of information that could help you in your decision. 

At Daxko, we build and deliver integrated cloud-based technology and services that power health and wellness communities.

If you’re looking for a modern way to manage and grow your organization that never settles for “good enough,” we built our Mission Acceleration Suite for you. Need more information? This is what our team had to say about what makes Daxko different.

The Top Reasons Why Organizations Choose Daxko over CCC

Cloud-Based Technology

Today, 69% of businesses worldwide are making use of cloud technology in some capacity. The reasons for this are simple. Cloud-based technology solutions:

  1. Lower costs
  2. Enable collaboration
  3. Connect you with top-notch service
  4. Strengthen security
  5. Increase efficiency
  6. Provide data insights
  7. Keep you up-to-date

Without having to accommodate the extra staff time, facility resources, and financial consequences associated with managing servers, your organization is freed up to focus on what matters. If you didn’t need that extra time, money, and easy access to your management system before the pandemic hit, you need it now. 

Daxko Operations is backed by modern data infrastructure, which allows organizations like yours to focus energy on what matters: leaving a legacy of changed lives.

“We are excited about the access to information… We have seen during the COVID-19 pandemic how important it is to make decisions very quickly and often felt we were making those decisions lacking important data. We know this pandemic forced all of us to react with new speed and lack of information, but we felt we were even more challenged by our current system.” - Chris Johnson, CEO and President at Ralph J. Stolle Countryside YMCA

Expanded Portfolio Offerings

Daxko Operations provides you with easy-to-use profiles and online tools for membership joins, program registration, donations, reporting, and more. We didn’t stop there, though. Our facility management tools, Facility Access and Card Services, empower organizations to provide members with secure 24/7 access to the facility. In the case of the YMCA of Knox County, opening a 24-hour facility downtown allowed them to reach an underserved community of 3rd shift workers striving to pursue a healthy lifestyle. 

Another example of our expanded offerings is our Marketing Suite, which is comprised of: 

  • Daxko Engage, our integrated CRM tool
  • Conversica, our automated engagement assistant technology
  • Websites Development
  • Digital Marketing

You need it, we have it. We can connect you with one of our technology solutions or with our internal agency, a team with a demonstrated expertise working with organizations just like yours to bring in new memberships and donations. 

Keen Focus on YMCAs, JCCs, and Community Rec

At Daxko, our suite of products was designed through decades of experience working with YMCAs, JCCs, and community rec organizations. We’re focused on meeting the unique needs of your organizations, and we only design technology and service solutions that make your life easier. From the beginning, we enter into a partnership with each organization that chooses to operate with Daxko. 

We start by working with you to understand your organization inside and out. From there, we’re able to propose a suite of solutions to meet the needs you experience every day. Well beyond the day you sign on with us, our team is eager to serve you with technical support, product training and expos, strategy workshops and more. We’re honored to be your technology partner

“From day one, Daxko was phenomenal in understanding best practices and how other Js are using the software. We partnered with Daxko to evolve how we operate as a business and we’ve had a tremendously positive experience.”  - Corey Schwartz, COO at Shalom Austin JCC

Willingness to Iterate, Passion to Grow

Without a cloud-based technology partner, your organization’s growth could be stunted, because as you grow, you need your software to grow with you. Without a cloud-based technology partner, your organization can’t be nimble enough to adapt to a landscape in constant flux.  

At Daxko, we’re constantly looking to what’s next, studying and developing the best products for the organizations we serve. And when we make updates to our systems, you have access to those optimizations quickly as part of your long-term investment.

Hands-On Implementation and Support

When you make the decision to work with us, we don’t take it lightly. We pull out all the stops!

During the implementation process, we make ourselves as present as possible. Switching software providers is a mammoth task - we do everything we can to make the mountain easier to climb. When you need in-person support after implementation, we don’t hesitate to go on-site with your facility to help solve the issue. 

We are passionate about supporting our customers and creating a positive implementation and support experience that’s backed by best practices and standard operating procedures. With Daxko, every organization gets the highest quality, most comprehensive onboarding and support process possible.


Daxko is the trusted, proven, and reliable partner for your organization. With nearly 20 years serving YMCAs, JCCs, and other member-based nonprofits, we’ve gained a deep expertise of your needs and have a predictable business model that keeps pace with your growth. We’ve perfected a powerful membership engine and the proven processes to deliver it, develop it, and support it.

Explore Our Mission Acceleration Suite

The Mission Acceleration Suite fuels YMCAs, JCCs, and community rec organizations in serving their ever-changing communities. Leveraging our powerful and intuitive technology, you’ll maximize limited nonprofit resources to help your community thrive.

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