So you want a powerfully simple system to help run and grow your YMCA, JCC, or community center. If you’re here because you’re comparing Daxko vs. Active Network, or looking for Active Network alternatives, you’re doing the right thing by staying vigilant and evaluating what can best help your organization thrive.  

At Daxko, we’re on a mission to power health and wellness throughout the world. Similarly, Active Network is out to make the world a more active place by connecting people to the things they love, want, and need to do.  

So, what’s the big difference?

We take a holistic approach focused on YMCAs and JCCs, while Active takes a segmented approach.

The founding team at Active Network created their software as a way for recreational athletes to find information on races and other events in their area. That approach has since evolved to encompass camps, classes, and events more broadly. At Daxko, we’ve spent the better half of two decades designing, developing, and delivering software solutions specifically in collaboration with YMCAs and JCCs.  

So ultimately, if you’re looking for a streamlined, seamlessly interconnected way to manage not just events and programs but the full end-to-end member experience, our Mission Acceleration Suite is the best fit for you. Need more convincing? Hear what our team has to say about what makes Daxko different. Read on.

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Top 5 Reasons Organizations Choose Daxko over Active Network

Deep Commitment to YMCAs and JCCs

As a YMCA or JCC, you have a unique set of needs that isn’t necessarily shared by other community rec organizations. Your software solutions should thoroughly address these needs. Instead of having a shallow understanding of many organization types, we’ve cultivated a deep understanding of how YMCAs and JCCs serve their communities and what it takes to help them grow.  

We’ve been a leading supporter of the Y movement, enabling you to accelerate your mission by making it easier for your members to achieve their health and wellness goals. We don’t stop at providing software solutions and services to organizations like yours — we are truly invested in your holistic success.

After nearly a decade with a different software, the Oshkosh YMCA is excited to launch a partnership with Daxko and use Daxko Operations to boost the efficiency of their three-branch organization. Hear their story.

Truly Integrated and Comprehensive Solutions

In addition to our core platform, we bring a range of integrated solutions to the table, including a software to manage strategic and automated communication. Through templated communication workflows, Member Lifecycle Campaigns, and predictive retention and donor analytics, our Marketing Suite, which includes our digital marketing agency services, Engagement Assistant, and Engage, empowers organizations to connect with members throughout their entire membership lifecycle through multimedia and high-touch campaigns.

We also connect you with the power of an integrated payments system. This means that payments are entered directly into accounting software and applied to the general ledger or credited to an invoice. This simple process eliminates human errors and incorrect data entry to help your organization function as efficiently as possible.

All of our solutions feed seamlessly into each other to empower your organization to step away from administrative tasks and focus on the lifechanging work you do best.

Unmatched Data and Analytics

You need to keep a pulse of your organization's health to gauge how you are tracking over time and compared to other organizations in your space. Because we work with so many YMCAs and JCCs, we have better insight into what your organization needs, and we’re dedicated to sharing that knowledge with you.. The organizations we work with love that they can leverage our robust and trustworthy industry data to shape decisions and further their missions.

Our data and analytics is also what allows us to provide peer benchmarking reports. You can take advantage of our national peer benchmark comparisons powered by analytical models of highly similar organizations. You can track how you are trending compared to other Daxko Operations users like you based on our advanced machine learning algorithm. And you can take reporting one step deeper by choosing other peer groups to compare to based on size, location, and U.S. Census Data.

Strong Accounting and Financial Governance Features

Questionable billing practices should never be a concern to add to the plate. With us, you can guarantee your data is safe and secure. Our 100% PCI-DSS compliant web-based software is backed by modern data infrastructure. With flexible forecasting, budgeting, and chart of accounts, Daxko Accounting makes it easier to balance solid financial stewardship with ever-increasing demands on staff time. To top it off, our support and system maintenance is always free of charge and at the ready should you need assistance.

Best-in-Class Implementation and Support

We take implementation and support seriously. Our team uses a proven system of established best practices and standard operating procedures for software implementation, so you can be confident that your organization is set up for success.  

Daxko is the trusted, proven, and reliable partner for your organization. With nearly 20 years serving YMCAs, JCCs, and other member-based nonprofits, we’ve gained a deep understanding of your needs and have a predictable business model that keeps pace with your growth. We’ve perfected a powerful membership engine and the proven processes to deliver it, develop it, and support it.

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