Weak At the Core?
Your Mission Needs More.

Three reasons why partnering with ReClique CORE limits your mission

Reason 1
Fewer Solutions

ReClique Core is lacking at least 22 solutions critical to your nonprofit’s success.

Daxko’s all-in-one technology ecosystem powers programming, simplifies daily operations, grows revenue, and increases engagement.

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Reason 2
Limited Experience

Smaller, less experienced teams struggle to anticipate and meet the long-term needs of your organization. Daxko’s team of specialists have worked with hundreds of YMCAs over more than twenty years and bring that knowledge into how they support you with solutions and services.

For instance, while other providers ramped down operations as COVID hit, our experienced team charged headfirst into uncertainty to support our customers.

  • We delivered COVID specific solutions, like area check-ins, online capacity dashboards, and more
  • We delivered a Re-Opening Playbook to 50,000+ professionals who shared it over and over again.
  • We conducted over 80 webinars with 14,000 registrants to help you survive.
  • We provided financial support and discounts surpassing $2 million.

“They’re already doing things for other YMCAs that we’re just starting to think about. Sometimes we’ll have a great idea, and Daxko has already done something with another Y, so they’re easily able to build things for us.” - Melissa Hope, Executive Director at the Summerville Family YMCA 

Reason 3
Less Success

Publicly available data shows that scaling back solutions and support come at a steep price.   

Growth slowed significantly for YMCAs that chose ReClique Core. Those YMCAs saw a 7.8% decrease in total revenue growth and 23.8% decrease in total program revenue growth.

Similarly sized YMCAs partnering with Daxko saw total revenue grow +5.3% YOY and program revenue grow +6.2% YOY.

If the same YMCAs in this data analysis had grown their total revenue at rates reported by similarly sized YMCAs using Daxko Operations, they would have added an average of $593.K each year in revenue.

*Source: IRS Form 990 2016-2019

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