Staying Competitive with 24-hour Fitness at YMCA of Knox County

Staying Competitive with 24-hour Fitness at YMCA of Knox County

By Sara Perry

The YMCA of Knox County Stays Competitive & Reaches Underserved Community with a new 24-Hour Facility

The YMCA of Knox County’s crowded Galesburg location and underserved downtown community presented a unique opportunity to open a 24-hour facility.

Local hospitals and manufacturers supported employees with corporate wellness programs, but their third shift workers had limited options for pursuing a healthy lifestyle away from work.

Also, many downtown residents relied on walking or buses for transportation and could not easily get to the Y’s current branch outside of town.

Kelly Corbin, Associate Executive Director of the Knox County YMCA, shared:

“We wanted to be able to serve everyone. We tested the idea for two years by staying open until midnight during the week. It was well-utilized and we realized we needed to move forward.” Corbin continues “We made the right decision at the right time and were able to maintain our competitive edge as Planet Fitness and Anytime Fitness opened a year later.”

Security and staffing were top of mind for the Y as they implemented the 24-hour model. Y personnel are the branch on weekdays from 8am-7pm. Members, however, can access the branch 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

“We have security cameras throughout the facility and monitor to ensure that everyone who comes into the facility is a current member. Our members feel safe and we have plenty who get in their daily workout at 3am!”


  • Opening a 24-hour facility downtown allowed the Y to reach an underserved community of 3rd shift workers striving to pursue a healthy lifestyle.
  • Daxko Facility Access allowed the Y to make a secure, 24-hour facility possible without the need for around the clock staffing.
  • The Y was able to maintain their competitive edge as other 24-hour fitness providers followed suit.
  • The Downtown branch receives on average at least 30% of membership check-ins for the association.
  • 71% of their members check into the Y outside of normally-staffed times.

Daxko Facility Access has worked flawlessly for us in running a 24-hour YMCA”

Kelly Corbin, Associate Executive Director of Knox County YMCA

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