Building Communities with Daxko Engage

Building Communities with Daxko Engage

By Sara Perry


Daxko Engage helps you generate revenue from program registrations. In 3 months, our customers saw 1,570 paid registrations that originated with Daxko Engage. $93,331 total revenue program revenue generated by Daxko Engage across all clients. The average program registration brought in $60.

The YMCA of Inland Northwest generated over $13,000 in revenue from to program emails. Mary Berry, Director of Communications and Marketing said,

“We are very excited to have access to quantifiable metrics directly tied to Daxko Engage and our marketing efforts.”


“We don’t have to have a membership director sitting at their desk for eight hours or a wellness director that has to go out and hustle business for the trainers to have clients. We’ve seen a huge increase in personal training revenue over the last 24 months. I can’t see how any Y actively using Daxko Engage would not see an increase in retention.”

Amy Adams, Associated Executive Director at YMCA of the Prairie


“It is incredibly helpful to be able to generate your list from the same, synergistic system. With Daxko Engage, we only have to click a couple of filters to find our audience. It is also helpful that groups in Daxko Engage are dynamic so I can put the time into building my list and feel confident that I am sending to the most up-to-date audience from the Daxko database each time I use that list. It saves us tremendous time when planning our campaigns.”

Monica Booker, Executive Director of Marketing at the Y in Central Maryland

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