Daxko Teams Up with Leading Fundraising Technology Providers to Fuel Nonprofit Growth and Impact

Daxko Teams Up with Leading Fundraising Technology Providers to Fuel Nonprofit Growth and Impact

By Mary Bonner
Published On Apr 30, 2024

Daxko’s 2024 roadmap includes integrations with Blackbaud, Bloomerang, and Funraise

Daxko, the leading software and integrated payments solutions provider in the health, fitness, and wellness industry, today announced new partnerships with renowned fundraising technology providers Blackbaud, Bloomerang, and Funraise. This strategic move aims to enhance fundraising capabilities for Daxko customers, including YMCA’s, JCC’s, Boys & Girls Clubs, and community rec centers, empowering them to make an even greater impact in their communities.

For nonprofits, managing multiple systems and handling manual processes can hinder their ability to fully focus on expanding their impact and nurturing meaningful community connections. Through these dynamic new partnerships, Daxko is actively confronting the challenges nonprofits face in managing these systems and processes head-on. By introducing new integrations with industry-leading fundraising platforms, Daxko users can not only achieve impactful results in their fundraising initiatives but also foster deep connections with donors and communities, while effortlessly accessing invaluable insights through analytics.

Daxko’s New Fundraising Partners:

  • Blackbaud: Blackbaud is the leading provider of software for powering social impact, with essential software built for fundraising. Through the collaboration, Daxko nonprofit users will be able to access targeted marketing capabilities, precise reporting, and efficient task management to boost their fundraising efforts.
  • Bloomerang: Bloomerang is the complete donor, volunteer, and fundraising management solution that helps thousands of small and medium-sized nonprofits deliver a better giving experience and create stable, thriving organizations. Combining robust, simple-to-use technology with people-powered support and training, Bloomerang empowers nonprofits to work efficiently, improve their supporter relationships, and grow their donor and volunteer bases.
  • Funraise: As a leading online fundraising platform, Funraise combines innovative digital donation tools with brilliant Fundraising Intelligence to equip nonprofits with the world’s best technology. The upcoming integration with Daxko is Funraise’s way of balancing community with action, delivering enhanced efficiency and sharp insights for Daxko customers.

“Fundraising is crucial for every nonprofit, big or small. That’s why at Daxko, making sure our nonprofit partners have access to top-notch fundraising solutions has been a top priority,” said Wendy White, Chief Marketing & Partnerships Officer at Daxko. “With Blackbaud, Bloomerang, and Funraise, Daxko users now have integrated tools that are all about saving time and resources, giving nonprofits the real power to raise the funds they need to truly make a difference in their communities.”

The forging of key fundraising partnerships marks a significant stride in Daxko’s commitment to offer comprehensive technology solutions and insights to its nonprofit sector. These partnerships complement recent milestones such as the launch of a new nonprofit mobile app, strategic acquisitions, and a new key addition to its Board of Directors.

The integration with Funraise is currently in development, set to launch to Daxko customers this spring, with integrations planned for Blackbaud and Bloomerang later in 2024. For those attending the NAYDO 2024 conference in Denver from April 3 to 6, stop by Daxko booth #11 to speak with a member of the team for further details on these upcoming integrations. Meet the fundraising partners at booth #10 for Funraise and #49 for Bloomerang.

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