Daxko Launches New App for Nonprofits to Streamline Operations and Enhance Member Connections

Daxko Launches New App for Nonprofits to Streamline Operations and Enhance Member Connections

By Mary Bonner

Leader in Health and Wellness Technology Introduces Tailored Mobile App for Enhanced Community Engagement

Daxko, the leading software and integrated payments solutions provider in the health, fitness, and wellness industry, today announced the release of a new mobile app designed specifically for Daxko and ReClique CORE users. This development promises simpler operations and enhanced community engagement for mission-driven health and wellness organizations.

In the world of nonprofit health and wellness, vibrant community hubs are filled with diverse programs, activities, and a commitment to holistic health. But behind the scenes, leaders face challenges like managing various programs, tight budgets, and community engagement. Daxko, a trusted partner for 25 years, introduces an app that’s more than a tool; it’s a simplified solution for staff, streamlining operations, connecting with members, and boosting fundraising efforts.

Daxko’s app is unique, offering integrated features like program recommendations, a consolidated calendar view, and direct donation tools that set it apart from some competitors. This app provides full data access, a single login, and in-app tools like barcodes and staff-facing features, enhancing the member experience and operational efficiency.

“This mobile app empowers mission-driven groups to operate on the go,” said Wes Gillette, Chief Product Officer at Daxko. “We are equipping staff with essential tools and integrating crucial fundraising features to let staff be efficient from anywhere.  And we are helping these organizations build valuable brand engagement with members via an intuitive program recommender and a fantastic modern mobile experience. It sets a new bar for efficiency and member-centric mobile engagement.”


The Daxko & ReClique mobile app introduces exciting new features for members including:


  • Integration with MMS: Gain full access to Daxko Operations and ReClique Core data.
  • One Login for Everything: Simplify access with a single login, eliminating multiple usernames and passwords.
  • Digital Bar Code: Have all household/family barcodes available in one place in the app for seamless check-ins.
  • Consolidated Calendar: Members can view classes, programs, events, and more in one place.
  • Fundraising Tools: Access specialized tools for organizing and promoting fundraising activities on any mobile device.
  • Program Recommender (for Daxko Operations users): Offer smart, relevant suggestions to users based on their preferences.
  • Branded App Offering: Immerse members in the organization’s identity with personalized logos, colors, and branding, creating a mobile experience that aligns seamlessly with the community.
  • Staff also benefit from the app with single log in and tools that empower staff to manage operations and member interactions seamlessly from anywhere.

“I’m very excited about having an easy way to let members know that we’ve had to close or cancel something right in this app,” said Jennifer Elliot of Beatrice Mary Family YMCA. “Pickleball is exploding at our Y right now, so having the space schedules available in the app will make a great member experience and save a lot of phone calls to the front desk.”

Leaders at mission-driven health and wellness organizations can now run operations seamlessly with a simple click. The app, with one login, easy features, and a clear calendar, turns technology into a friend, not a puzzle.

Daxko and ReClique CORE customers are invited to explore the full range of transformative new features and integrate them into their daily operations. Be among the first to experience these enhancements by joining the Daxko waitlist and the ReClique waitlist for exclusive access to the app.

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