CCC and Daxko: Pioneering a New Era for Nonprofits

CCC and Daxko: Pioneering a New Era for Nonprofits

By Sara Perry
Published On Dec 14, 2023

At Christensen Computer Company (CCC), we deeply appreciate the trust and partnership you’ve placed in us over the years. Our commitment to our nonprofit partners has been the guiding force behind our journey, providing innovative tools tailored to enhance community impact and the well-being of your members. Today, we are excited to share a significant development: CCC is joining forces with Daxko!

Innovation Through Collaboration

Our commitment at CCC has consistently been to provide effective tools for success and to amplify your impact in the community. While CCC has always offered a “one-stop-shop” solution for nonprofits nationwide, we recognize that as technology evolves, so must our solutions. In recent years, there has been a shift from using on-site solutions to using cloud-based solutions for operational needs. This change is driven by issues like complicated management, security risks, and difficulties in maintaining business operations linked to physical hardware and software. Understanding the unique needs of nonprofit organizations, we have identified the necessity of offering a pathway for our customers to transition to modern software systems. After extensive research, we found the same core values in Daxko, a leader with 25 years of expertise in modernizing nonprofit operations.

Shared Vision for Success

Approaching this acquisition, an uncompromised best fit for CCC customers was forefront on our minds. We entered this process with deep thought, consideration, as well as honest and candid questions. After nearly eight months of discussions, the alignment of values and potential benefits to our nonprofit customers became clear. The prospect of collaboration with what was once our biggest competitor, Daxko, is genuinely exciting.

The partnership between CCC and Daxko focuses on our dedication to service excellence and empowering nonprofits to thrive. Our collective goal is to elevate your success and community impact. Daxko’s robust ecosystem of solutions, along with a commitment to the member experience, made the decision to join forces the clear best choice for our customers.

A Bold Future Together

With this union, we introduce a more streamlined and modernized experience tailored to the specific needs of nonprofits. Daxko’s web-based platforms eliminate the need for in-house servers, enhancing efficiency. Daxko offers a suite of solutions strategically designed to amplify the impact of nonprofit health and wellness organizations. This includes Daxko Operations for managing complex operations, Daxko Engage to enhance connections and mission fulfillment, ReClique Core for simplifying program sign-ups and account management, and fully customized websites tailored to meet the unique needs of these organizations. Acknowledging turnover as a significant challenge in the nonprofit sector, our partnership with Daxko, featuring a user-friendly system, aims to reduce training times for staff.

Your Continued Journey with Us

As we transition, our commitment to quality service remains strong. The integration guarantees that CCC’s customers and team members will continue to receive exceptional support, now enriched with added expertise and assistance. The transition is aimed to be as smooth as possible, leveraging Daxko’s proficiency in handling migrations and our joint commitment to excellence.

We’re Here, As Always

Your trust in CCC has been fundamental. Now, with the support of Daxko’s team, we’re ready to enhance our assistance to your mission. Your satisfaction remains our top priority.

As we embark on this journey, the possibilities for our nonprofit partners are extensive. We look forward to moving into this promising future with you.

Here’s to our continued partnership and the remarkable impact we will create together!

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