Mega Trends Shaping Your Nonprofit

Mega Trends Shaping Your Nonprofit

By Sara Perry
Published On Dec 05, 2019

The fitness and membership landscape is rapidly evolving. YMCAs and JCCs have pressures coming from every direction shaping your ever-changing world.


1 in 5 Americans (63 million) are now members of health clubs, up 37% over the past decade. And competition for these memberships is steeper than ever, with boutique studios and high value low price providers like Planet Fitness stepping in to meet the demand.


Only 24% of our youth population is active… and it’s on the decline. Reaching and connecting with families and younger generations is more pivotal than ever before.


The number of nonprofits is on the rise, while donations are on the decline. Also, giving to health and human services causes is stagnant. Just as with memberships, competition for donations are fierce.

Customer Mobility

81% of Americans own a smartphone, with 37% using it first to connect, purchase, or interact with a business. Potential members are searching for and interacting with your digital presence well before they set foot in your facility.


In the last five years, staffing at YMCAs and JCCs has decreased by 10% while the average number of branches remains consistent. Unemployment is also at the lowest level in decades This means increased risk of losing your key team members if they aren’t engaged or feel they have the right tools to do their jobs well.

How can you thrive in this ever-changing world?

We believe that providing exceptional experiences for members, participants, donors, and staff is paramount to the survival of the YMCA and JCC Movements.

After listening your needs and feedback, we have developed the Mission Acceleration Suite with extensive enhancements and new solutions driving these exceptional experiences.

We don’t have all the answers just yet, but in our recorded broadcast below, we review what is ready for you today to enhance your member experience, grow your revenue, leverage your brand, utilize insightful data, streamline your programs, and serve your community.

You asked for it. You got it.

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