Connection without Contact

Connection without Contact

By Sara Perry
Published On Jun 03, 2020

Your doors may be able to re-open, but is your team set up to minimize risk and maximize success?

Re-opening, even with precautions, poses risks. Members are missing the community you provide, but staying safe comes first, especially for vulnerable populations.

New facility precautions, like the ones mentioned in the Re-Opening Playbook, are an obvious new reality. Optimizing your team to get more members back in the facility and providing consistent service, however, is a unique challenge.

What steps can you take to get more members back in the door while providing a safe, consistent experience? A few steps, made simple with technology, can put members at more ease so you can get back to providing the connection they’re missing.

We’re here to help you re-shape the member journey, post COVID.

We’re excited to announce a new category of solutions to help you provide service, reduce risk, and engage members, all while eliminating points of contact.

Daxko’s Contact Free Solutions. 21 Features and 16 Products to provide your community more connection with less contact.

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