Catch Their Attention with CTAs

Catch Their Attention with CTAs

By Sara Perry
Published On Feb 04, 2019

With our recent release of Conversion Analytics from Daxko Engage email initiatives, it’s time we discuss effective CTAs. CTA is marketing short-hand for “Call to Action,” and it is a strategic tool used to get your readers to act on your message.Your team sends a communication for one of three reasons – to inform, entertain, or ask. In any of these cases, your goal is to get the reader to take action on something whether it be to register for a program, join a group ex class, or sign up for child care. That’s where strategic CTAs come in handy. Our recommendation? The engagement button. For action-oriented emails, you must begin with a segmented audience and a clear purpose. From there, design your messaging so that readers are clearly guided to the action you want them to take. Below are four ways to make clear and effective CTAs that drive results:

1.  Place it above the fold.

Above the fold refers to the upper front page of a newspaper with the most important story. The same idea applies with email communications. Your CTA should be “above the fold” on both a desktop and mobile device to encourage readers to act before losing their attention.

2.  Create a sense of urgency.

Use limited offers or deadlines to drives the reader to act now. Be sure to provide supplemental information outside of the CTA button to create a sense of urgency and timeliness.

3.  Make it pop.

CTAs should be vibrant in comparison to the rest of the content. White space can be an extremely useful tool if you’re aiming to make a button stand out. As far as what color you should choose? There is a good bit of debate. In this study by HubSpot, red beats green. However, there are many moving components that feed into your color choice. The important factor is that your button contrasts nicely with the rest of the content and evokes the emotion you want your readers to feel.

4.  Keep it short and sweet.

Similar to the overall message, your CTA needs to be concise. Use short phrases describing the immediate action. Examples include, “Register Now”, “Continue Reading”, or “Join Our Team.”Take these quick tips and apply them to your email marketing campaigns. All emails sent to members can be revenue driving opportunities with strategic CTAs! About Conversion Analytics If you’re an email marketer, you likely rely on open and click rates to track success. But how do you know if your campaign to drive registrations, donations, or membership sales was truly successful?Using Daxko Operations and Daxko Engage, you can now track more than just clicks and opens with conversion analytics. Because Daxko Engage is fully integrated with Daxko Operations, you can see true conversions tied to your email marketing initiatives for program registrations, donations, new memberships and childcare/camp.

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