Nonprofit Health and Wellness Insights and Impact Report for December

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Now, more than ever, your team needs access to a trusted source of industry data and insight into how the Movement is recovering. Powered by Performance Analytics, this report shares membership, revenue, check-ins, and registration trends for November. We encourage you to leverage this data as you begin to reimagine what membership looks like for your organization.

December Overview

After a month marked by slight downturns across all categories, December shows hope for future recovery with an increase in total revenue caused largely by early summer camp registration for summer 2021. The continued COVID-19 spike coupled with traditional holiday decline trends caused check-ins and active memberships to decrease slightly, but both categories should see significant increases and a return to normal with an expected surge in new joins in the new year. With a universally distributed COVID-19 vaccine on the horizon and promising indication that registrations will skyrocket in the new year, YMCAs, JCCS, and community centers continue on their way to thriving in a post-pandemic world.


Revenue increased 50% from November to December as 2021 registrations opened and holiday giving kicked in.

Registrations continue to have a huge influence over total revenue with a 45% increase in program-sourced revenue and a 94% increase in childcare-sourced revenue from November toDecember. This seasonal spike was expected due to many 2021 camp registrations and spring sport registrations opening in December. Pledge activity also saw a drastic month-over-month improvement, increasing 156%. This increase was spurred in part by holiday giving, as well as the McKenzie Scott donations throughout the Movement.

Key Takeaways

YMCAs, JCCs, and community centers with $9-20M in revenue saw great recovery in December and are at 109% back to normal in total revenue. Interestingly, their revenue composition changed drastically this month with a large spike in revenue sourced from donations. Organizations with $20M+ in revenue are still the slowest group to recover. This can be attributed to the fact that many large locations are still closed due to COVID-19 case surges, and these facilities draw the majority of their revenue from memberships.


Member check-ins dipped slightly as COVID-19 cases continued to surge.

Total check-ins saw a 6% decrease of from November to December, but virtual check-ins kept the overall check-in decline to a minimum. From November to December, YMCAS, JCCS, and community centers experienced a 46% increase in month-over-month virtual check-ins, proving that organizations are continuing to provide effective community engagement from afar.

Key Takeaways

Organizations with $9-20M in revenue saw the least impact on check-ins with only a 2%decrease from November to December. This group also saw the highest number of virtual check-ins than any other. On the other hand, organizations with $20M+saw the largest impact on check-ins with a 16% decrease.


Active memberships decreased 4% from November to December

Active memberships took a hit as terminations rose 32% and new joins decreased 7% in the month of December.However, both decreases are consistent with last year’s trend lines and seem to indicate a seasonal event. The hope is that even with the additional hurdle of the COVID-19 pandemic, the decrease in active memberships will be offset by an upsurge in new year joins come January.

Key Takeaways

While holds did decrease 7%compared to November, they continue to be a major player in active membership trends. Organizations with $20M+ have 916% more holds now than they did at this time last year, making holds a tremendous factor in overall active membership health. In this sector, terminations are also up 125% compared to last year. These stats shows that while the dip in membership can be attributed partially to regular seasonality, it also has been affected greatly by the surge in COVID-19 cases, particularly in metro areas.


Childcare registrations increased 68% in December as 2021 summer camp sessions opened.

We saw an expected seasonal increase in childcare registration in December as 2021camp registration opened. In addition, expected registrations for childcare inDecember came in at 148% of what they were in 2019. Together, these positive stats indicate that communities continue to lean on your organizations for youth development, even as the pandemic progresses.

Key Takeaways

While childcare saw great success in December, program registrations took a hit with a 6% decrease compared to November. Program registrations also took their biggest hit in relation to 2019 numbers with only 58% back to normal. Interestingly, while overall registrations are down for the month, revenue sourced from programs is up in the month of December. Organizations with $3-9M saw the most recovery in terms of program registrations.