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Daxko Events and Trainings

July 9
Roadshow - Master Membership Management
Denver, CO
Aug 20
Roadshow - Data Deep Dive
Columbus, OH
Sept 17
Roadshow - Lean Mean Marketing Machines
Boston, MA
Oct 1
Roadshow - Ramp Up Registrations
Atlanta, GA
Nov 13
Daxko Live Broadcast... stay tuned!
Virtual Event

Trade Shows and Events

Feb 24
JCC Professional Conference
Anaheim, CA
April 3
NAYDO Conference
Anaheim, CA
July 18
General Assembly of YMCAs
Anaheim, CA
Sept 11
YMCA Mid-Majors CEO Conference
Savannah, GA
Sept 16
YMCA: CIO Conference
Toronto, Canada
Sept 18
YMCA: CMO Conference
Oklahoma City, OK
Sept 25
YMCA: CDO Conference
Denver, CO
Sept 26
YMCA: Illinois Fall Staff Rally
Normal, IL
Oct 22
YMCA: Open Y Conference
Nashville, TN