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In order for any data to be meaningful, you need to know: “Compared To What?”.  

We all instinctively know this. When looking at data, it’s intuitive to ask questions about how that number was different yesterday, last month, and last year. We do this to understand if something is good or bad, growth or regression, trend or exception.

Think about it for a few minutes more and questions similar to “How does this compare to other organizations like mine? To my field as a whole?” emerge. We ask these questions to gain of sense of relativity and approximate performance.

The Daxko Membership Index provides a monthly view into national and regional membership trends based on the largest set of nonprofit operational data in the U.S. It empowers you to:

  • Gain insights into market-wide performance
  • Benchmark your organization’s results against regional peers
  • Track and compare membership trends over time

For example, in the July publication:

  • Membership is up nationally compared to the same month last year. That increase is due to:
  • Comparative growth in the Midwest, Northeast and Western regions of the country
  • Membership is slightly lower nationally compared to June, the previous month. That modest decrease is due to:
  • Seasonal trends in membership joins and renewals
  • Fewer terminated memberships compared to the previous month  

Daxko has the largest repository of YMCA data and we want to put that data to work for you. Our Daxko Index is just a piece of our overall data story. Stay tuned as we release exciting new data and insights for you and your team and visit Insight Accelerator to learn what else we're working on in terms of data for your YMCA, JCC, or community center.

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