+$90K in added membership revenue at Florida's First Coast YMCA


With driving loyalty and boosting memberships as a priority, the YMCA of Florida's First Coast started using their engagement assistant with a membership win-back campaign.

In just three months, their engagement assistant:

•   Targeted 5,915 former members as prospects.
•   Engaged 25% of those prospects as hot leads.
•   Won back 160 former members.


Noticing multiple branches were falling short of meeting sports registration goals, the next campaign Florida's First Coast launched was a Sports Registration campaign.

Their engagement assistant:

•   Targeted past sports participants by branch.
•   Met their sports registration goals.


Realizing a lack of awareness around nutrition services and their on-staff dietitians, the third campaign Florida's First Coast launched was a campaign to drive awareness and scheduling of nutrition consults.

•   They targeted members who had purchased personal training.
•   Increased awareness of on-staff dietitians for members who did not know services existed.
•   Handed over 100 hot leads to dietitians who started scheduling appointments.

"Our engagement assistant campaigns have been hugely successful like nothing we've seen before with an email campaign or that we've done within our branches"
Michelle Moore, Chief Membership & Marketing Officer, Florida's First Coast

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