The Jewish Community Center (JCC) of Greater Albuquerque has stood as a beacon of support and vital hub for social interaction in their community for over two decades.

They’ve made a significant impact on the lives of their community members, but outdated systems and fragmented processes hindered the JCC's ability to effectively engage members and fulfill community-driven initiatives to their fullest potential.

With a commitment to innovation and a desire to enhance their impact, the JCC of Greater Albuquerque sought a solution that would streamline operations and elevate the member experience. They found the right partner in Daxko.

The Challenge: Modernizing Operations to Enhance Community Engagement

For 22 years, Membership Director Debra Blackerby has witnessed both the joy and complexities inherent in managing a multifaceted institution like the JCC. “This particular Jewish Community Center is rewarding every day,” shares Blackerby. “Every day that we do what we do and give back to the community, it’s something really and truly important to our center, to our members, and to the community. I feel very proud of that.”

The JCC of Greater Albuquerque had become a pillar in their community, but they knew they could do more with the right tools. Outdated systems made it challenging to provide seamless experiences for their community

Members faced difficulties in registering for programs, and staff struggled to access critical information across departments. This hindered the JCC's ability to foster inclusive community engagement, impacting their mission to serve their diverse community. They knew it was time for a change.  

The Solution: Empowering Community Engagement with Daxko

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, the JCC of Greater Albuquerque turned to Daxko to modernize their operations, enhance community engagement, and improve community effort scores. With Daxko's innovative suite of tools, including online registration and member management systems, the JCC found the perfect fit to address their challenges.

“Before we had Daxko, our membership department was a workhorse,” shares Blackerby. “We had forms people had signed when they cancelled, forms when they signed up, this long waiver – it was a workhorse. Then, you'd have file everything away, and we’d have rows of file cabinets.” The time sink of paperwork was negatively impacting the time they could spend with members. Daxko’s online registration offered them a solution. "In our most busiest times when families were signing up, we would have people lined up in the lobby with little clipboards trying to fill out all their paperwork before they even were able to get in the system. We've really shaved that off now because we're digital and everybody can sign up online.”  

Throughout the implementation process, the JCC of Greater Albuquerque experienced the dedication and expertise of the Daxko team firsthand. From seamless integration to personalized support, Daxko’s solutions ensured a smooth transition, empowering the JCC to leverage technology to its fullest potential.

Personalized support has made a world of difference for the JCC of Greater Albuquerque as they learn to leverage Daxko’s full suite of tools. “I have had the experience where I have talked to an engineer and had instant results,” shares Blackerby. “Every department is now able to get the information they need to do their job.”

The Impact: Stronger Board and Community Relationships  

The impact of Daxko's partnership with the JCC was profound. With streamlined processes and enhanced member experiences, the JCC witnessed a remarkable transformation in its ability to engage with the community.  

Since partnering with Daxko, the JCC of Greater Albuquerque has experienced significant growth and success. They've seen a remarkable 363% increase in donations since 2017, a testament to the improved efficiency and streamlined processes that Daxko's solutions have brought to their fundraising efforts. Additionally, program registrants have grown by 9% since 2017 and an impressive 30% since 2020, with numbers rising from 1,936 in 2020 to 2,672 in 2023. These milestones highlight the profound impact Daxko has had on enhancing the JCC's community engagement and operational efficiency.

One of the most notable achievements has been the JCC's ability to sell out their entire summer camp in record time, thanks to Daxko's seamless online registration system.

“We sold out a camp in 12 minutes,” shares Blackerby. On registration day for the JCC’s camp, they opened both in-person and online registration. “There was a line of people on the floor on their laptops trying to take care of business... So, I grabbed the next person, and I sat him down. I get his information, sign up his first kid, sign up his second kid. By the time I signed up as third kid, we were completely sold out.”

“Every year it becomes a shorter window to be able to sign up for camp,” shares Blackerby. "We've never done it in 12 minutes.”

Daxko's management tools revolutionized how the JCC interacted with its board as well, empowering staff with access to critical information across departments.

“We have 22 people on our board,” shares Blackerby. “Daxko coincides with the information that I need to give.” The ease of accessing critical information has been one of the biggest benefits for the JCC of Greater Albuquerque team. “When dealing with the board, it can answer questions relatively fast if we know where to go. And if we don’t know where to go, we have customer service...There’s not one reason why we can’t problem solve or find the information we need.”

With improved efficiency and communication, the JCC of Greater Albuquerque is now better equipped to serve its community and fulfill its mission.

Ready to Transform Your Community Engagement?

The JCC of Greater Albuquerque's partnership with Daxko has been instrumental in their journey to enhance community engagement and streamline operations. If you're ready to revolutionize how your organization engages with your community, schedule a demo with Daxko today and experience similar success. Together, we can empower your organization to thrive and make a greater impact on your community.

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