SilkRoad, a global leader in cloud-based talent management solutions, announced the winner for the SilkRoad 2016 Golden Portal Award, created to honor top achievement in new hire onboarding programs. Daxko, a leading provider of mission critical software to member‐based health and wellness organizations, received top honors for leveraging its employee brand through an approachable and user-friendly new hire portal as well as sustained engagement beyond the first week. Redwood Credit Union and United Surgical Partners International were named as top finalists.

Award Highlights Strategic Role of Onboarding

The Golden Portal Onboarding Award honors companies that demonstrate a true understanding of the strategic importance of the onboarding experience for new hires and the way technology can streamline the paperwork and compliance process while contributing to employee retention and business outcomes.

“Onboarding serves as a critical engagement point in the employee lifecycle,” said John Shackleton, president & CEO, SilkRoad. “But it’s not just a ‘one-and-done’ process. New employees who have a clear understanding of the company, its goals and their own role, and who receive ongoing reinforcement, including sustained engagement, mentoring and other programs that accelerate time to productivity, are more likely to have a positive impact on business outcomes from day one and throughout their entire tenure.”

The SilkRoad award program focuses on a critical entry point for new employees, the new hire portal, which provides the doorway to the company but includes the entire onboarding strategy and how programs reinforce core organizational values Judging criteria evaluated how well each nominee’s portal supported engagement, including use of content, breadth of site, ease-of-use and visual design. In addition, judges consider long-term strategies that extend the onboarding experience beyond week one into the first year or longer. Scores in each category were weighted and tallied. Each finalist met these criteria in unique ways.

Award Finalists-What Stood Out

Daxko, the award winner and a leading provider of mission critical software to member‐based health and wellness organizations, received top honors for leveraging their onboarding portal to strategically immerse new hires into their fun and collaborative company culture. The spirit of “Daxko Nation” is highlighted via stand-out employer branding efforts including an employee-driven culture blog and social media programs. The employee experience was priority with every task starting with pre-boarding. Tasks included engaging titles and pictures, as well as an opportunity to interact with a “People Team Orchestrator” to provide a human touch during the onboarding process. Continuous connection and collaboration opportunities were highlighted from an introductory coffee with the CEO to social events for all employees.

Top finalist accomplishments included:

Redwood Credit Union, a full-service financial institution providing personal and business banking to consumers and businesses in the North Bay and San Francisco, impressed judges with their onboarding efforts that enable new hires to build excitement, cultivate knowledge, become impassioned to live their brand and prepare to create lasting, positive employee experiences for their members. With strategic onboarding efforts extending 90 days, Redwood provides the right info at the right time to engage the new hire. Commitment to community is highlighted by hosting multiple monthly community opportunities for employees to meet other individuals and teams within the organization, and giving back to local non-profits through both volunteerism and donation.

United Surgical Partners International, an ambulatory healthcare provider serving more than 9,000 physicians and partnering with over 50 not-for-profit health systems nationwide, wowed judges with their commitment to cultivating a positive and consistent onboarding experience across their 300+ locations through the use of creative videos that deliver engaging content to new hires. Multiple videos are delivered to the new hire, including a get started video during the pre-boarding process, along with videos devoted to their culture, company history, mission and values. New hires are also assimilated to the organization with a buddy that help guide the new hire through the first 90 days and beyond.

“One of the most stressful experiences in starting a new job is trying to figure out your exact fit within the organization, which is why we strive for new employees to experience a seamless transition into their role,” said Beth Wolfe, talent acquisition specialist, Daxko. “By immediately linking new employees’ to the company through a branded onboarding portal, we help new hires find that fit, leading to increased productivity and enabling them to acclimate and socialize better in those first few weeks of employment.”

About the Award

The Golden Portal Onboarding Award was created to honor annual achievement in new hire onboarding programs. Applications were accepted from SilkRoad customers across the world and a panel of onboarding specialists reviewed 40 applications to select the three finalists. Results were announced during a live broadcast from SilkRoad Connections 2016, the company’s annual user conference.

About Daxko

Headquartered in Birmingham, Alabama, Daxko is a leading provider of mission critical software to member¬‐based health and wellness organizations. Daxko helps customers achieve high levels of operational efficiency, deliver strong fiscal management, and engage their members in meaningful ways. Data show that Daxko’s customers grow twice as fast as similar organizations using other solutions. Daxko employs 190 team members across the Southeast. For additional information, please visit

About SilkRoad

SilkRoad is a leading global provider of cloud-based talent management solutions that enable customers to find, attract, develop and retain the best talent. SilkRoad's solutions include tools for Talent Acquisition and Talent Development in an easy to deploy and use platform to rapidly boost employee engagement and business performance. Visit, follow on Twitter @SilkRoadTweets or call 866–329–3363 (U.S. toll free) or +1–312–574–3700.

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