You're a natural community builder. You do this better than anyone. But the issue in forging connections today is that communities can exist largely online. The “digital transformation” is here, it has been for a while! When your community exists in a digital space and connects with your organization through digital platforms, understanding that digital journey is essential to bring your community together. But figuring out how to improve your organization’s digital presence can be a challenge.

On December 2, a few members of Daxko’s Digital Agency hosted an Ask Me Anything to look at that digital landscape and ways nonprofits can build an engaging digital presence. Our panelist included:

  • Brendon O’Brien, Website Development Manager
  • Isaac Archer, Digital Marketing Team Lead
  • Khyra MacMillan, Digital Marketing Strategist

Throughout the session, our panelists shared ways they work with nonprofit teams like yours to build an effective digital presence. This webinar includes quick tips to make every ad dollar count, simple ideas for every size team, and an overview of tracking the success of your web presence.  

In case you missed it, watch the video below!  

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